Becoming a Volunteer

We believe it is very important for prospective volunteers to clearly understand the program criteria to ensure a mutual match for both the volunteer and North York General Hospital (NYGH). Kindly review the program requirements and confirm you can meet the programs expectations prior to beginning the application process.

Program requirements

Age — You must be 16 years of age or older to apply to our Volunteer Program. Please note that we have very limited volunteer roles available evenings or weekends, making it challenging to accommodate high school students during the academic year. Students interested in volunteering may want to explore the Co-operative Education Program.

Time commitment
 — All volunteers must commit to volunteering for a minimum of one year. Your volunteer shift will be four hours once a week and it will always be on the same day, at the same time, in the same assigned area. Volunteering on a weekly basis is a huge responsibility. Please reflect on your availability and ensure this is a commitment you can make!

Note:The majority of our volunteer roles are between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday to Friday. There are very limited volunteer roles available during the evenings or weekends.

TB/Communicable Disease Surveillance Program — NYGH is in compliance with the Public Hospitals Act (O. Reg. 965) which requires that hospital bylaws must establish and provide for the operation of a health surveillance program, including a TB/communicable disease surveillance program, for all persons carrying on activities in the hospital. Prior to placement, you must provide documentation from your treating physician to the Volunteer Services Department to ensure your immunization status meets the requirements of the TB/communicable disease program at NYGH. TB/communicable disease screening begins after a prospective volunteer has been accepted to the Volunteer Program.

Influenza vaccination — NYGH is committed to providing the best care for our patients, our health care workers and our volunteers. NYGH's Influenza Vaccination Policy and Outbreak Management policy requires all staff, physicians and volunteers who work in patient areas to immunize or mask. Learn more

Uniform/ID badge
 — Volunteers will be required to provide a $20 uniform/photo identification badge deposit. Both the uniform and photo identification badge are required to be worn at all times when on duty.

Language — Volunteers must have an advanced level of English in both speaking and writing.

Orientation Once accepted to the Volunteer Program, you will be required to attend a two-hour orientation session where we will review hospital policies, procedures and how to be successful in your volunteer role. Role-specific training will begin on your first scheduled shift.

What we are looking for

At NYGH, volunteers are committed to enhancing the experience of our patients, residents and their families.  Prospective volunteers should:
  • Believe in providing excellent customer service to our patients, residents and their families
  • Have a compassionate and respectful manner
  • Be professional, reliable and punctual
  • Be accountable and a team player
  • Be willing to learn new skills and follow direction
  • Be committed to making a difference

Application process

If you meet the program criteria, here are the steps to becoming a volunteer at NYGH:
  • After attending the information session, prospective volunteers are provided with a NYGH Volunteer Application Package
  • Review, complete and submit your NYGH Volunteer Application Package
  • Volunteer Services will contact you to schedule an interview
  • During the interview, a mutual match to a vacant volunteer role will be made
  • NYGH communicable disease surveillance protocol is initiated and completed
  • Provide a $20 uniform/photo identification badge deposit
  • Attend a two-hour volunteer orientation session
  • Specific training to your volunteer role begins; welcome to the team!