Our Emergency Facilities

Our modern facilities in the Charlotte & Lewis Steinberg Emergency at 4001 Leslie Street, Toronto, feature four distinct treatment areas:

  • Resuscitation
  • Acute care
  • Subacute care
  • Ambulatory care 

Our facilities also include

  • 18 negative pressure rooms out of a total of 45 rooms

    A negative pressure room is totally enclosed and is separately ventilated to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases. These physical upgrades give us the capacity to effectively and safely handle many people in our Emergency who are showing signs of an infectious disease.


All patients report to the Triage Reception Desk when they arrive at the Emergency Department (ED).
triage reception desk
Triage reception desk
triage examination room
Triage examination room


This state-of-the-art room is equipped to care for the sickest patients with life threatening injuries or illnesses such as stroke and heart attack There are five cubicles, each with "switchable glass" doors that provide privacy or visibility to the rooms when required. The negative pressure ventilation prevents the transmission of infectious diseases. 


Resuscitation area

Acute care

Our acute care area in the ED has 19 cubicles, with the ability to care for cardiac patients in 17 rooms. There are eight negative pressure isolation rooms in this area with "switchable glass" doors. Some patients will be asked to sit in chairs while they are waiting further investigations or test results.
Y.K. Fung Acute Care Centre

Y.K. Fung Acute Care Centre
Operation Room in the Emergency Department
Operating room in the Charlotte & Lewis Steinberg Emergency
Subacute care

This area has 17 cubicles to care for patients with urgent injuries and illnesses such as broken hips, asthma attacks, abdominal pain and mental health concerns. There are also four specially designed paediatric treatment rooms that are child friendly and equipped with flat screen TVs with DVDs, Nintendo and age specific toys. All of these enhancements assist in lessening the fears of children and their families while they wait.

Our Yellow Zone is a designated area within the Subacute Care that allows for many of our patients to be assessed, have diagnosed tests performed and receive results with efficient patient flow. 

Ambulatory care

The ambulatory care area provides treatment to patients with less acute illness or injuries and lacerations.