Clinics and Centres

A number of clinics and centres are associated with the Surgery Program

Pre-op Assessment Clinic (Pre-Admit)
Most inpatients and some day surgery patients are referred to our Pre-operative (Pre-op) Assessment Clinic where they complete paperwork, blood tests, anesthesia and internal medicine consults.
Total Joint Assessment Centre (TJAC) 
TJAC is reducing the time patients wait for hip and knee replacement and provides them with an early consultation for assessment and diagnosis.

Gulshan & Pyarali G. Nanji Orthopaedic and Plastics Centre (OPC) 
Our busy Orthopaedic and Plastics Centre provides follow-up care to our patients who have recently visited the Charlotte & Lewis Steinberg Emergency or who have had surgery.

Cataract High Volume Centre
This regional cataract centre is ensuring patients get the surgery they need earlier so they can enjoy improved vision and an enhanced quality of life.

BMO Financial Group Breast Diagnostic Centre (BDC)
The BMO Financial Group Breast Diagnostic Centre offers all the services needed for patients with suspicious breast lesions, or breast anomalies.

Gale and Graham Wright Prostate Centre
The first prostate centre in the province to offer timely diagnosis, information, expertise and resources in a community hospital setting.

Surgical Clinic
The Surgical Clinic provides assessment and follow-up care to patients with conditions more optimally seen in a hospital clinic rather than a private office.

Endoscopy Clinic
The Endoscopy Clinic provides endoscopy services and conducts, on average, 11,000 gastrointestinal endoscopic procedures every year.