Endoscopy Clinic

North York General Hospital offers endoscopy services through all stages of life, from young children to the elderly. Endoscopy is a way of looking inside the body using a flexible tube that has a small camera on the end of it. This instrument is called an endoscope. Common procedures include gastroscopy, colonoscopy and ERCP to diagnose and treat disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

Our endoscopists complete about 11,000 procedures at our hospital each year. The department is also staffed by ansthesiologists and specialized endoscopy registered nurses. Together, the endoscopy team ensures your visit with us is as pleasant as possible.
Our Endoscopy Clinic is part of the Cancer Care Ontario Colorectal Screening Program. According to ColonCancerCheck, an Ontario-wide screening program aimed at reducing deaths from colorectal cancer by increasing early detection of the disease, there is a 90% cure rate if colorectal cancer is detected in its earliest stages. 
If you have a family history of colon cancer in a first degree relative (parent, sibling or child) or have symptoms, the program recommends you have a colonoscopy to screen for this disease.
Expedited Colonoscopy Program

The Expedited Colonoscopy Program ensures patients with concerning symptoms are booked for colonoscopy in a timely fashion. It is for patients with:
  1. positive fecal occult blood in stool
  2. anemia
  3. family history of colorectal cancer
  4. concerning change in bowel habit or new onset of rectal bleeding
  5. palpable rectal mass
The expedited colonoscopy program is not for patients for routine screening.

Access the referral form for the Expedited Colonoscopy Program.