North York General Hospital has three large clinical genetics laboratories:

We provide a testing service to the region — and serve the entire province for some tests.


Cytogenetics is the study of chromosomes and the diseases/conditions caused by chromosome abnormalities. Our cytogenetics laboratory is one of the largest full service laboratories in the province. We offer testing for prenatal, postnatal and oncology specimens. We are a leader in the establishment of special testing methods and in the development of new technologies.
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Molecular Genetics

Our molecular genetics laboratory offers DNA testing for many different genetic disorders, with particular expertise in neurological conditions such as Huntington disease, and genes that cause hereditary forms of breast and ovarian cancer.

We are one of the largest genetic testing centres for these conditions in Canada. Diagnostic testing, carrier testing and "predictive" testing — which can tell someone whether they are likely to develop a certain genetic condition during their lifetime — are all offered by the laboratory.

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Maternal Serum Screening

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As one of the largest maternal serum testing laboratories in the province, we offer various non-invasive screening tests to pregnant women.
Prenatal screening tests include several biochemical markers (naturally occurring substances present in the blood) that are measured in the first and/or second trimesters. Ultrasound information can also be combined with these biochemical markers.Screening tests can provide information about a pregnant woman's risk of having a baby with certain birth defects, such as Down syndrome, Trisomy18 and spina bifida.

We were the first hospital in Ontario to offer Maternal Serum Screening (MSS). In 1999, North York General was among the first health care facilities in the world to offer integrated prenatal screening. We are recognized internationally as a leader in the field. In addition, the hospital manages the Ontario Maternal Serum Screening Database, the provincial repository of prenatal screening information and a valuable resource tool.

Notice to health care providers: Enhanced prenatal screening tests

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North York General Hospital, General site
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