Link to Life Emergency Workshop

The Link to Life Emergency Workshop teaches parents the skills they need to deal with child-related medical emergencies. Learn about:
  • Basic first aid
  • CPR and choking for infants and children
  • Childproofing your home
Cost: $45 per person

Saturdays from 8:45 a.m. to 12 noon

Please check the online schedule for available dates.

This class is offered at the Branson Ambulatory Care Centre (555 Finch Avenue West)  in the Maple Room inside the cafeteria.
To register

Go to our online registration to select the classes and dates you wish to book.


Payment is accepted by Paypal. You do not require a Paypal account and you can pay with a credit card on the Paypal site.

Refunds require a physician's note or verification of early delivery of your baby.

If you require a refund or need to reschedule a class (by availability only), please call the Prenatal Services line and leave a detailed message at 416-756-6337.