Cardiac Care Clinic

New temporary location:  The Heart Function Clinic, recently renamed to the Cardiac Care Clinic, has temporarily relocated from 6 North to 4 North Room 402 to accommodate renovations to improve the care environment for patients and families. As of Monday June 18, 2018, patients of our Cardiac Care Clinic will have their appointments on 4 North Room 402. Patients and families are encouraged to use the south elevators, near the main entrance to access the clinic.

The Cardiac Care Clinic is an outpatient clinic that provides intervention and education to patients with congestive heart failure.

The heart function nurse practitioner and coordinator monitor your progress, provide telephone support and communicate with your cardiologist and family physician regarding your progress.

Our goal is to improve the patient's quality of life through treatment, education and support. This allows patients to recognize a problem before their conditions worsens and reduces the risk of hospitalization.

The clinic can provide follow-up care to maintain the proper functioning of your pacemaker.

Our team consists of a physician, nurse practitioner, registered nurse (heart function coordinator), clinical dietitian and a pharmacist working together to provide a detailed assessment, treatment and an educational plan.

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For further information please call 416-756-6978
Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.