Child and Adolescent Day Hospital

Children and adolescents who require ongoing support, but who can continue living in the community, may benefit from the day hospital program at the Branson Ambulatory Care Centre. The program may also serve as a “step-down” unit for children and teenagers who have been treated in an inpatient service.

Our program offers youth and their families support in overcoming various difficulties that interfere with their ability to function in their daily lives. These problems can include depression, anxiety, difficulties socializing and various other problems. Many of our patients have had a great deal of difficulty attending school. We aim to work together with youth, their families and their schools to assist them in receiving appropriate treatment, identify their individual needs, and support them in transitioning to a community school environment.

Treatment focuses on helping teenagers normalize their behaviour by providing a supportive structured environment where they can work towards their goals.

Treatment is offered by a multidisciplinary team. We offer a range of services including: Psychiatric Assessment, Stabilization, Medication Management, and Individual, Group and Family Therapy. Our facilities also include a classroom where a teacher from the Toronto Catholic District School Board provides an education program for inpatient and day hospital patients.

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