Expense Directive

Policy Rationale

North York General (NYGH) is committed to protecting the interests of taxpayers and strengthening the accountability for the public funding it receives.

The Expense Directive establishes the principles, mandatory requirements and guidelines for acquiring travel services including: ticketed transportation, accommodation and car rental requirements, and for reimbursing individuals for travel, accommodation, meals and other reasonable expenses incurred on behalf of NYGH. It also includes procedures for obtaining reimbursement of other reasonable, non travel expenses incurred on behalf of NYGH.

See North York General's Expense Directive  pdf-logo (March 2011)

All staff are accountable to ensure that expenses are incurred utilizing the most economical approach possible.

The directive ensures fair and consistent treatment of individuals required to travel on behalf of NYGH while ensuring that NYGH receives the best value for expenses incurred. It establishes guidelines for ensuring that travel and business expenses are valid, reasonable, legitimate, documented, authorized and in compliance with accounting procedures at NYGH.

The document is governed by and is consistent with the NYGH Code of Conduct. Where applicable, the terms and conditions imposed by other funding/granting agencies may override this policy in the expenditure of non-provincial Government of Ontario funds.

This directive is based on four key principles:
  • Accountability
    Organizations are accountable for public funds used to reimburse travel, meal and hospitality expenses. All expenses support business objectives.

  • Transparency
    Organizations are transparent to all stakeholders. The rules for incurring and reimbursing travel, meal and hospitality expenses are clear, easily understood, and available to the public.

  • Value for Money
    Taxpayer dollars are used prudently and responsibly. Plans for travel, meals, accommodation and hospitality are necessary and economical with due regard for health and safety.

  • Fairness
    Legitimate authorized expenses incurred during the course of the business of an organization are reimbursed.

In instances not covered by these guidelines or in unusual circumstances, the traveler and the individual responsible for authorizing should apply judgment to ensure that the expense is reasonable and prudent in the circumstances. If the authorizer is unsure, they should first follow departmental procedures and then, if necessary consult with the Finance Manager.

April 1, 2011