Surgical Safety Checklist Compliance

Beginning July 30, 2010, all Ontario hospitals with operating rooms were required to publicly report their Surgical Safety Checklist (SSC) compliance.

The use of a surgical safety checklist has been adopted by many hospitals across the world as a tool to ensure the consistent implementation of patient safety best practices in a hospital’s operating room.
This initiative by the Ontario government supports the World Health Organization’s Safe Surgery Saves Lives campaign.

North York General supports the provincial government’s public reporting of surgical checklist compliance rates because we believe it will lead to improved performance and enhance patient safety even further.

What is the surgical safety checklist?

The surgical safety checklist is a standardized tool that is used by a team of operating room professionals (nurses, surgeons, anesthesiologists, and others) to discuss important details about each surgical patient.

The SSC reduces reliance on memory so that one person is not responsible for remembering every single step needed for a safe surgery.
In many ways, the surgical checklist is similar to an airline pilot’s checklist used just before take-off. It is a final check prior to surgery used to make sure everyone knows the important medical information they need to know about the patient, all equipment is available and in working order, and everyone is ready to proceed.

The surgical safety checklist has three phases, before, during and after surgery. Learn more about the Surgical Safety Checklist by reading answers to frequently asked questions.
View the surgical safety checklist on the Health Quality Ontario website.
Learn more about the surgical safety checklist on the Canadian Patient Safety Institute website.


See the surgical safety checklist compliance rate at the General site and the Branson Ambulatory Care Centre of North York General Hospital.

The rate reflects the percentage of compliance, by site, where all three phases of the SSC were performed for all surgical procedures during the period.

Like other Ontario hospitals, the compliance rate of North York General Hospital is posted on our website twice a year.

A priority at North York General is improving patient safety — information for patients and families.