People Plan

North York General Hospital has developed a comprehensive strategy map to support the hospital in achieving its mission: Providing exceptional health care to our diverse communities

One of the key ways we are able to achieve our mission is though our People Plan. This plan is a roadmap outlining how we support our staff, physicians, and volunteers to be catalysts for success. Through the People Plan, we nurture and develop our capacity to improve the organization’s performance. We enable our people to apply their skills to accomplish the hospital’s goals.

Workforce Plan

Text description of the People Plan graphic
  • At the centre of this round graphic is a nucleus: People Plan. It is surrounded by three circular layers.
  • The inner layer, closest to the nucleus, consists of four elements which are, clockwise: Assess; Plan; Implement and Evaluate.
  • The next circular layer consists of three elements which are, clockwise: Internal Environment; External Environment and Strategic Direction.
  • The outer layer consists of six elements which are, clockwise: Leadership Development; Total Rewards; Learning; Healthy Workplace; Workforce Planning; and Diversity.

    Core elements of NYGH’s People Plan:
    Core Elements Strategic Direction

    People Philosophy

    Support each person to be the best they can be.

    Workforce Plan

    Support the hospital in meeting its human resources needs.


    Embrace diversity as a priority within North York General to promote a culture where barriers to full participation are removed for everyone.


    Offer co-coordinated, comprehensive and innovative learning that provides evidence-based support to all our learners. Support NYGH to be a learning organization.

    Leadership Development

    Foster the development of leaders for the health system in a co-coordinated, comprehensive and innovative way. This includes providing current and future leaders with dependable and evidenced-based support.

    Healthy Workplace

    Embrace a holistic approach for a safe and healthy workplace.

    Total Rewards

    Design, implement and support a Total Rewards Program to attract, motivate and retain an effective workforce.