Resident Programs

The Seniors' Health Centre staff plans a wide variety of individual and group programs for our residents that foster mental and recreational stimulation and social interaction. We plan periodic outings to community events and often invite community groups into the home to host special programs at the centre.

Celebrating diversity

Over 40% of residents are first generation Canadians bringing with them a wide diversity of cultural/ethnic traditions. We collaborate with community organizations, as well as our hospital departments, to offer programming that keeps residents active and involved with their families, friends, community, and cultural/ religious roots.
Our Family Advisory Committee also assists us in celebrating the diversity of our residents by providing feedback on programs, spiritual celebrations and cultural food preferences.

These partnerships allow us to offer a varied and full calendar of events, including:
  • A Chinese Tea Program that often includes discussion of current events and traditional food in participants' prevailing languages
  • Chinese discussion groups
  • In partnership with the Family Advisory Committee, SHC hosts Multicultural Nights complete with music, food and education.
  • Nightly Ismaili evening prayers and bus trips to mosques and other cultural destinations
  • Armenian mass, monthly luncheons, prayer groups and trips to community centre
  • Weekly Jewish Sabbath services along with celebrations and recognition of all traditional Jewish holidays
  • Celebration of other cultural events including: Chinese New Year, Black History Month, St. Patrick's Day, Kushiali Celebrations, Channukah, Rosh Hashannah, Passover and Canada Day
  • Weekly Christian worship and prayer services, monthly Communion and significant Christian holiday services.
  • Multifaith spirituality groups for all residents
  • Centre-wide memorial services
  • Recognizing all traditional customs and Christian practices and multfaith groups

Restorative care program
Our caring staff helps residents develop a strong sense of dignity, independence, and well-being through restorative assistance and monitoring.  We do this through restorative dining and assistance and encouragement with all activities of daily living.

Our student liaison program

Seniors’ Health Centre believes in strong leadership and teaching. We have a strong connection with various educational institutions that offer placements for all areas of care and services for the elderly including nursing, dietary, activities, and social services.

Our volunteers

With more than 150 members, our volunteer team assists with programs that really make a difference. Our volunteers take residents on outings, hold special teas and do one-to-one visiting. They also assist residents with popular leisure activities such as gardening, baking and reading.

 To inquire about volunteer opportunities with Seniors’ Health Centre, call 416-756-0066.