Radio, Television and Internet

Bedside telephones

Bedside telephones are available free of charge in patient rooms. Each room has its own extension number and patients are encouraged to give out this extension to family and friends.

To reach a patient:

  • Dial the main hospital line at 416-756-6000
  • Follow the instructions and enter in the extension
When you call our General site at 416-756-6000, you can access our voice recognition system by pressing 2 to reach a patient. Follow the instructions — you will be asked to say the name of the person you are trying to reach and you will be automatically transferred to them. If you prefer, follow the instructions to be transferred to an operator.

You may obtain a patient's room or phone number from a volunteer at the General site's Information Desks on the main floor (every day, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.) or on the 1rst floor (Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., closed on weekends and holidays).If you do not know the extension, please wait for an operator to come on the line and redirect you

To make a call from a patient phone:
  • Dial “9”
  • Dial then dial the 10 digit number you are trying to reach
  • Long distance calls must be made through the operator and must be either collect (charged to another number) or credit card. For assistance, press “0”

Portable battery operated radios are permitted at North York General Hospital as long as they are used with earphones.


TV rental services at North York General are provided by Hospitality Network. A portion of the revenue from rental services are returned to North York General and reinvested in caring for you!

Go to the Hospital Network page to rent a television during your hospital stay or turn the TV on in the patient room and follow the directions.

Internet access

North York General Hospital offers free wireless internet at the General site, making it easier for our patients and visitors to stay connected with family and friends.

How to access free wireless internet:
  • Enable Wi-Fi on your device (laptop, tablet or smartphone)
  • Select “NYGH_GUEST” from the wireless network list
  • Launch your internet browser

    Wireless Term of Use