Diabetes Education Centre

The Diabetes Education Centre (DEC) offers group programs and individual counselling for people with diabetes and their families at all ages and life stages. The DEC has been open for over 30 years and is an active centre with close to 11,000 patient encounters every year.

The team
The interprofessional team includes nurses, dietitians, social workers and endocrinologists who specialize in type 1 and type 2 diabetes management and education, as well as paediatrics and diabetes in pregnancy. DEC nurses and dietitians are all Certified Diabetes Educators with over 30 years of experience combined.

DEC staff regularly communicates and consults with a patient's primary care provider to ensure continuity of care.

Child and Teen Diabetes Education Program
The DEC provides an extensive Child and Teen Diabetes Education Program that includes individual teaching, counselling and support to children and teens with diabetes and their families. Over 130 children and teens with type 1 and type 2 diabetes are currently being treated, including many insulin pump users. Our paediatric endocrinologists and paediatrician are an integral part of the team. In addition, the DEC can test for HbA1C on site.

The DEC has an active pregnancy program that includes an endocrinologist with obstetrical specialization. The program provides planning for pregnancy with type 1 or type 2 diabetes and pregnancy management with type 1 or type 2 diabetes plus gestational diabetes management.

Adults with type 1 diabetes
The DEC serves adults with type 1 diabetes on intensive insulin management, including pump therapy. The DEC is a Certified Assistive Devise Program (ADP) Center for insulin pump funding. Quarterly group meetings for type 1 patients, and those on insulin pumps, provides opportunities for patients to share their experiences and gain support from one another.

Adults with type 2 diabetes
The DEC provides education and support to type 2 diabetes patients with sub-optimal control on two or more oral medications or on insulin. DEC nurses work under a medical directive to allow for insulin titration and medication management.

Other populations
Through a novel, coordinated partnership with the Department of Family and Community Medicine at North York General Hospital, patients with usual care needs such as pre‐diabetes and post‐gestational diabetes are referred to the North York Family Health Team Diabetes Education Program or other community partners for care.

Referrals to the Diabetes Education Centre
To make a referral to the Diabetes Education Centre, primary care providers should print and fax the referral form to 416-635-2601.
Diabetes Education Centre Referral Form 

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