Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy is used to treat breast cancer that is hormone sensitive (where the presence of estrogen and/or progesterone receptors are found) These hormone treatments work by lowering the level of estrogen in the body or by blocking the action of estrogen on breast cancer cells.

Preparing for your hormone treatment

What to expect

  • Hormone therapy is a pill that is taken daily.
  • Length of treatment will depend on your particular situation.
  • Side effects may arise from hormone therapy.

Questions for your medical oncologist

  • What are the benefits and risks of hormone therapy?
  • What type of hormone therapy am I getting?
  • What are some of the side effects and how are they managed?
  • Will the treatment affect my daily activities?
  • For how long will I be on the medication?

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Please contact your medical oncologist, family physician or patient navigator if you have any questions or concerns.