Mammography uses low-doses of X-rays to take detailed images of breast tissue. Mammograms are used to screen for breast cancer and often to take additional images.

At North York General Hospital, we use digital mammography, as well as tomosynthesis, creating a 3D image of the breast.

Your mammogram will be performed at the Karen, Heather and Lynn Steinberg Breast Services.

Preparing for your mammogram

What to expect
  • You will be asked not to use any deodorants, antiperspirants, body lotions, or talcum powders since the metals in these products may interfere with images.
  • You will be given a gown and asked to remove your top at the appointment.
  • Your breast will be compressed between two glass plates.
  • You will need to remain still for less than a minute while X-rays are taken of the breast.
  • Generally, four images are taken for a screening mammogram, two of each breast.
  • The pressing of the breast may be uncomfortable or hurt.

What to wear

  • Wear comfortable clothing with a top that is easy to remove. You will not have to remove clothing below the waist.

Questions for your doctor

  • Can I take a mild pain relief pill one hour before my appointment?
  • When and how will I receive my results?
Please contact the patient navigator if you have any questions or concerns regarding a mammogram or any other procedure.

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