Hip and Knee Care

At North York General Hospital (NYGH) we strive to put patients first in everything we do. Our goal is to provide excellent patient and family-centred care throughout your experience at the Hospital.

Hip and Knee Care is provided through an Integrated Care Collaborative (ICC). An ICC is a system of health care providers, clinics, and services focused on patients requiring hip or knee replacement surgery. This focus means that patients receive evidence-based care while following best practices in an interdisciplinary, collaborative environment.
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Care delivery cycle
Hip and knee care can be complex and patients may be seen at the hospital at various phases. The activities involved in each phase will be based on the treatment plan discussed with the patient, family, and healthcare provider.
Image of the Hip-Knee care collaborative at NYGH.
See a larger image of the care delivery cycle. Download: Hip and knee care delivery circle
Patient navigation
One of the unique features of the ICC at NYGH is the availability of a patient navigator. The patient navigator is a dedicated resource for patients and families to help coordinate care, provide information, and emotional support through diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. Your patient navigator will guide you every step of the way.

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