Phone Interpretation Services

What is phone interpretation?

Language should not be a barrier to receiving high quality health care. Phone interpretation services are offered through Language Services Toronto and provide people with limited English the ability to understand vital information and instructions about their health and to ask questions and convey their preferences. This helps patients take a more proactive role in their own health care, and helps to lessen the equity gap created when patients are unable to communicate with their health care providers.

Phone interpretation offers patients and their families real-time interpretation support at every point of a hospital stay or clinic visit. Interpretation can be set up immediately on request, is available 24/7 and offers a wide range of languages, including rare languages.

How does phone interpretation work?

Once phone interpretation has been requested, the patient will be given a telephone handset and the health care provider will have a handset. The interpreter will be on the line helping to interpret the conversation in real time.

Where is phone interpretation available at North York General Hospital?

North York General Hospital (NYGH) offers phone interpretation services in every department of our General site, Branson Ambulatory Care Centre and Seniors' Health Centre. The service offers immediate access to qualified interpreters in over 170 languages.

Our phone interpretation services are part of North York General's commitment to Patient- and Family-Centred Care. Phone interpretation encourages the highest standard of language support delivered by specially trained interpreters and allows patients to communicate more effectively with physicians, nurses and other hospital staff.

If you require interpretation services while you are at NYGH, please advise your health care provider.

What other types of interpretation services are there?

NYGH also offers: