Your first follow-up visit will be approximately 4 weeks after surgery. You will be seen in the Gulshan & Pyarali G. Nanji Orthopaedic and Plastics Centre located at North York General. You may have X-rays done and will be seen by your surgeon. The next follow-up appointment will be after 3 months in your surgeon's office. If you are having concerns or complications, you may be seen earlier than these scheduled times.

The Total Joint Assessment Centre (TJAC) will contact you, in writing, with your follow up appointments before your first, fifth, and tenth anniversary of your knee replacement. You may be followed up more frequently after 10 years, based on previous assessments. If you have concerns or complications, please contact your family doctor or your surgeon's office.

The benefits of knee replacement surgery are great and will be achieved with your effort and time.
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North York General’s health care team closely monitors your progress at the Total Joint Assessment Centre (TJAC). Click the arrow to see the video.
Do you have any questions or concerns? Contact the Hip and Knee Patient Navigator at 416-756-6000 ext. 4490 or email Hipknee.Navigator@nygh.on.ca.
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