Outpatient Knee Class

The Knee Class is run by physiotherapists dedicated to the recovery of single knee replacement patients. Classes are held on Mondays and Thursdays only. You must contact the physiotherapist in the Knee class to book your first appointment. Please call 416-756-6000 ext. 4784.

Patients are eligible to attend two times a week until the 6th week postoperatively and can receive an extension until the 8th week postoperatively.. Each session lasts one hour. Please bring your health card (or blue hospital card), and a support person if you need help answering questions or filling out questionnaires. What to wear:
  • Wear loose comfortable pants that can be rolled up (or a pair of shorts)
  • Wear or bring clean, dry and comfortable footwear, such as a walking shoe or an athletic/running shoe
The Rehab Gym is located at the General site on 5 South, Room 172.
Do you have any questions or concerns? Contact the Hip and Knee Patient Navigator at 416-756-6000 ext. 4490 or email Hipknee.Navigator@nygh.on.ca.
Learn more about the Hip and Knee Patient Navigator.