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Our locations 
• General site,  Tel: 416-756-6000   4001 Leslie Street, Toronto ON M2K 1E1
• Branson Ambulatory Care Centre, Tel: 416-633-9420  555 Finch Avenue West, Toronto ON M2R 1N5    
Seniors' Health Centre, 2 Buchan Court, Toronto ON  M2J 5A3 
   Long-term care home Tel: 416-756-0066  
   Specialized Geriatric Services Tel: 416-756-6050 ext. 8060
Reactivation Care Centre: A Central LHIN Hospitals Collaborative, North York General Hospital's unit is on 6 West. Tel: 416-747-3090, 2111 Finch Avenue West, Toronto, ON  M3N 1N1
North York General Assessment and Wellness Centre, Outpatient Physiotherapy Services,
Tel: 647-345-8091,
255 Consumers Road, Suite 220, Toronto ON M2J 1R3

Contact a patient at the General site
Call 416-756-6000 and then press 2 to get a patient's room or phone number. You can also get this information from a volunteer at the General site's Information Desks on the main floor (every day, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.) or on the 1rst floor (Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., closed on weekends and holidays).

Frequently called numbers

Comments about your hospital experience: Give us your feedback
The Patient Experience Office provides patients and families with an opportunity to express compliments, concerns, questions and suggestions. See below to learn more about the Patient Experience Office.

Comments about the website: webadmin@nygh.on.ca
Please take a moment to complete our website feedback form. Your feedback is important in helping us improve our site to meet your needs.

Corporate Communications and Public Affairs

Tel: 416-756-6127     Email: corporate.communications@nygh.on.ca

Human Resources
Tel: 416-756-6008      Email: hr@nygh.on.ca

North York General Foundation
Tel:416-756-6944     Email: foundation@nygh.on.ca
Fax: 416-756-9047    www.nyghfoundation.ca

Privacy Office
Tel: 416-756-6448     Email: privacy@nygh.on.ca
Spiritual and Religious Care
Tel: 416-756-6311

Volunteer Services
Tel: 416-756-6088     Email: volunteer@nygh.on.ca 

Patient care unit nursing stations

  8 West, Respirology and GI   
  7 North, Child/Adolescent and Geriatric
  Mental Health
  7 South, Psychiatric Day Hospital
  7 West, Adult Mental Health
  6 Southeast, Critical Care Unit
  6 West, Cardiology, General site
  6 West, Reactivation Care Centre
  2111 Finch Avenue West
  5 North, General Surgery
  5 Southeast, Acute Geriatrics
  5 South, General Surgery and Gynaecology
  5 West, Short Term Rehab
  7–8 Southeast, Medicine and Neuro-Stroke
  4 West, Orthopaedics
  3 North, Child and Teen Program
  3 West, Oncology /Freeman Centre for the
  Advancement of Palliative Care
  2 North, Tippet Foundation Neonatal
  Intensive Care Unit
  2 West and 2 South, Mother and Baby Unit
  2 SE,  Volunteer Services Birthing Centre     
Clinical areas, departments and services 

  Assessment and Wellness Centre  416-756-6835
  Outpatient Care Clinic (Baruch/Weisz)  416-756-6577
  Breast Diagnostic Centre,
  (BMO Financial Group)
  Cardiac Care Clinic
  (Graham & Audrey Rosenberg Family)
  Cardiac Education Program  416-756-6307
  Cardio-Respiratoryand Neurology Services
  General site
  Chemotherapy, Baruch/Weisz Cancer Centre
  Anne Tanenbaum Chemotherapy Clinic
  Maternal, Newborn and Paediatric Care
     Antenatal Consultation Clinic  416-756-6336
     Biophysical Profile Clinic  416-756-6337
     Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic  416-756-6837
     Paediatric Complex Care Clinic  416-756-6479
     Paediatric Consultation Clinic  416-756-6479
     Eating Disorders Program  416-635-2400
     Child and Teen Inpatient Unit  416-756-6300
     Child and Adolescent Mental Health Clinic  416-756-6642
     Mother and Baby Follow-up Clinic  416-756-6410
     Neonatal Follow-Up Clinic  416-756-6685
     Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Tippet
     Paediatric Short Stay Unit  416-756-6300
     Paediatric Surgery  416-756-6223
     Prenatal Classes and Tours  416-756-6337
     Subspecialty Clinics  416-756-6152
  Chronic Health Conditions Workshop  416-756-6050 x8041
  Community Respiratory Services
  Congestive Heart Failure Clinic
  Corporate Communications and Public Affairs
  Day Medicine Unit
  Day Surgery
  Diabetes Education Centre
  Diabetes Program for Children and Teens
  Drugstore at General site
  Eating Disorders Program (Children and Teens)
  Eating Disorders Program (Adults)
  Emergency, Charlotte & Lewis Steinberg  416-756-6001
  Family Practice Unit
  Fracture Clinic: Orthopaedic and Plastics Centre
   (Gulshan & Pyarali G. Nanji)
  Genetics Program
  Geriatric Services Line
  Geriatric Services, Specialized  416-756-6050 x8060
  Gift Shop  416-756-6094
  Health Records
  Human Resources
  Information Desk
 Laboratory Reception
 Long-Term Care Home (Seniors' Health Centre)
  Medical Imaging at General site
     Reception and X-ray Booking  416-756-6167
     CT Booking  416-756-6190
     MRI Booking  416-756-6118
     Ultrasound Booking  416-756-6176
     Mammography Booking  416-756-6172
     Angio/Interventional  416-756-6189
     Nuclear Medicine  416-756-6258
     Medical Imaging at
      Branson Ambulatory Care Centre
  Mental Health
     Addiction Program  416-635-2437
     Adult Intake (outpatient referral coordination)
      Adult Mental Health Clinic  416-756-6655
     Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT)  416-632-8708
     Child and Adolescent Mental Health Clinic  416-756-6642
      Day Treatment and Outpatient Clinic
      Branson Ambulatory Care Centre
      Geriatric Psychiatry  416-756-6550, x8060
      Mental Health and Justice Treatment
      and Support Service
      Outpatient Clinic at General site  416-756-6655
      Outpatient Court Support  416-632-8701
      Participants' Council
 416-633-9420 x6967
  Occupational Therapy
  Ontario Breast Screening Program
  Orthopaedic and Plastics Centre
   (Gulshan & Pyarali G. Nanji)
  Outpatient Care Clinic (Baruch/Weisz)
  Outpatient Pharmacy at General site
  (see Pharmacy)
  Outpatient Physiotherapy Services
  Paediatric Pre-Admission Tours
 416-756-6000 x4997
  Parkinson's, Living Well With
 416-756-6050 x8031
  Patient Accounts
     Inpatients   416-756-6131
     Outpatients   416-756-6137
     Collections   416-756-6596
  Patient- and Family-Centred Care
  Patient Registration
  Patient Experience Office
  Pharmacy at General site
  Pregnancy and birth
     Biophysical Profile Clinic  416-756-6337
     Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic  416-756-6837
     Mother and Baby Follow-up Clinic  416-756-6410
     Prenatal Classes and Tours  416-756-6337
  Pre-Operative Clinic
  Privacy Office
  Prostate Centre, Gale and Graham Wright
  Reactivation Care Centre, 2111 Finch Ave. W.
  Religious Care, Spiritual and
  Seniors' Health Centre (Long-term care home)  416-756-0066
  Speech-Language Pathology
   Inpatient Adult Services
  Spiritual and Religious Care
  Total Joint Assessment Centre (TJAC)
  Urgent Care Centre closed June 1, 2017
  Volunteer Services, General site
  Volunteer Services
   Branson Ambulatory Care Centre
  Volunteer Services, Seniors' Health Centre
 416-756-0060 ext. 8065
  For numbers not listed

Patient Experience Office
At North York General Hospital (NYGH), we do everything we can to support and help you and your family through our commitment to Patient- and Family-Centred Care. The Patient Experience Office provides patients and families with a supportive opportunity to provide feedback about your experiences at NYGH including compliments, concerns, questions and suggestions. Hearing from you is important to us as it provides a greater understanding of how our care and services are experienced and enables us to make improvements where needed.

Our Patient Experience Office will respond to patient and family concerns, usually within one business day, and ensure that your voice is heard by the appropriate hospital leader — this plays an important role in patient- and family-centered care. Patients and their families who are currently receiving care/treatment as an inpatient or clinic patient and wish to voice a concern should ask to speak directly with the staff or manager of that unit/department. This will ensure a timely response directly from the team involved in the patient's care. Otherwise, we encourage patients and families to contact the Patient Experience Office for assistance.

How the Patient Experience Office can assist you:
  • Listen to and discuss your experience and concerns
  • Identify the appropriate contact person to help address your concerns
  • Support you in addressing concerns
  • Share compliments and feedback on your behalf
  • Obtain answers/information in response to your questions

Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (excluding statutory holidays)

Contact us
Visit our office at the General site, room GSE 114 (ground floor east)
Tel: 416-756-6125 Fax: 416-756-6656
Email: patientexperience@nygh.on.ca

Patient Relations Specialist
North York General Hospital, Room GSE 114
4001 Leslie Street
Toronto ON M2K 1E1