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Dr. Joshua Tepper discusses health literacy
CBC Player Ottawa Morning, January 3, 2019 Family physician
Dr. Joshua Tepper, President and CEO of North York General discusses health literacy of the general population and its impact on positive outcomes. He explains health literacy is a broad term and generally refers to how people get information, can they understand that information, and how they use that information to better manage their health care. He suggests that people are more likely to participate in their own care , follow through on their care and take medications if they understand why a certain medication is required or the role of a specialist or family doctor in their health care. Listen to the full broadcast.

Dr. Joshua Tepper discusses his new role as President and CEO of North York General Hospital
CBC Radio, Metro Morning with Matt Galloway, November 8, 2018
Dr. Joshua Tepper, President and CEO of North York General Hospital, was featured this morning on CBC Radio's Metro Morning with Matt Galloway at 6:40 a.m. During his interview, he discussed his new role as President and CEO and highlighted how the hospital is evolving. Listen to the full interview here.

New study associates highly effective blood pressure medication with small risk of cancer
CBC News, Nicole Ireland, Oct. 30, 2018
A new study by Canadian researchers linking a widely used class of blood pressure medications to a slightly increased chance of lung cancer highlights the balance doctors must achieve in evaluating risks versus benefits —and then communicating them clearly to their patients so they can make the best decisions for their health. The study, published in the BMJ(formerly known at the British Medical Journal), focused on ACE inhibitors, which have been prescribed for decades to millions of patients to treat high blood pressure. ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) inhibitors work by stopping the production of the angiotensin hormone, which can constrict blood vessels...
Helping patients make sense of medical studies like this one, and putting risks and benefits into perspective, requires doctors to evaluate complex research statistics and distil them into useful information, said Dr. Kimberly Wintemute, a family physician at Toronto's North York General Hospital. Red the complete article on the CBC News website.

Prone breast biopsy table enables faster, more comfortable procedures
Canadian Healthcare Technology, October 1, 2018
TORONTO – North York General Hospital, known as a technological innovator, has become the first hospital in Ontario (and the second across Canada, after the McGill University Health Centre) to implement a prone breast biopsy table that makes use of 3D mammography for needle guidance. The new system provides better accuracy, shorter procedures and improved patient comfort in comparison with traditional breast biopsy systems, most of which are performed in the upright position. The Affirm Prone Biopsy System was installed at the Toronto-based academic community hospital this March. (Hologic is the manufacturer of the system, and it's sold and implemented in Canada by Christie Innomed.) “We're committed to innovative imaging with compassionate care,” said Mike Sharma, Director of Clinical Diagnostics at North York General. “That's exactly what we've done with the new Affirm Prone biopsy table.” Read the complete article in Canadian Healthcare Technology

Toronto hospitals can't force unvaccinated nurses to wear masks, ruling says
The Globe and Mail, Tu Thanh Ha, Sept. 10, 2018
Nine Toronto-area hospitals have to scrap their policies forcing unvaccinated nurses to wear surgical masks, a labour arbitrator has ruled in a binding decision that concluded the hospitals couldn't provide scientific evidence to back up the practice. The arguments that witnesses for the hospitals presented were “insufficient, inadequate, and completely unpersuasive,” arbitrator William Kaplan wrote in a 53-page decision last Thursday. The decision focused on a grievance filed by the Ontario Nurses' Association against St. Michael's Hospital. However it is also binding on eight other institutions with the same policy: Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Mount Sinai Health System, St. Joseph's Health Centre, Michael Garron Hospital, Women's College Hospital, North York General Hospital, Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. Read the complete article in the Globe and Mail.