2017 Meetings

The NYGH REB Meetings are usually scheduled for the third Tuesday of the month from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m. To have your submission placed for review, please submit your completed REB proposal package to the REB Office by 4 p.m. of listed submission deadline.

NOTE: Submission after the due date will be processed the following month.

All amendments, renewals, and reporting of unanticipated problems/ protocol deviations to previous REB-approved applications must also be submitted to the Research Ethics Office for review and approval. Please provide one paper copy and an electronic version of completed REB submission to:

The list of proposed meetings and the deadlines to submit a proposal for review at that meeting is listed below. Please note that the meeting dates are subject to change and the investigator should contact the research ethics office for further information.

Proposed meetings for 2017 and submission deadlines

NOTE: To accommodate summer vacation schedules, the REB meeting on Tuesday July 18 will not be held. The next REB meeting will be held on Tuesday August 15, 2017.

 REB Meeting Date        
 Deadline for Submission     
 January 17, 2017
 January 3, 2017
 February 28, 2017*
 February 7, 2017
 March 21. 2017
 March 7, 2017
 April 25, 2017*
 April 4, 2017
 May 16, 2017
 May 2, 2017
 June 20, 2017
 June 6, 2017
 August 15, 2017
 August 1, 2017
 September 19, 2017
 September 5, 2017
 October 17, 2017
 October 3, 2017
 November 21, 2017
 November 7, 2017
 December 19, 2017
 December 5, 2017

* Because of a holiday on the third Monday of February and April, the meeting has been moved to Tuesday of the following week.
Access a pdf of proposed 2017 Research Ethics Board meetings and submission deadlines. Download: REB meeting schedule for 2017

REB Office contact:
Research Ethics Office, Room GS-70
North York General Hospital
4001 Leslie Street
Toronto ON  M2K 1E1
Dr. W. L. Alan Fung, REB Chair
T: 416-756-6444 ext. 3483

Dr. Sunila R.Kalkar, REB Coordinator
T: 416-756-6444 ext. 3485
Updated January 27, 2017