40 years of bar code scanning

Christina Stevens, Global National News, June 26, 2014

Global National News mentioned North York General Hospital in a segment that discussed the 40th anniversary of the barcode. The segment noted that North York General was one of the first hospitals in Canada to implement the barcode system for drug doses in 2010. The segment featured President and CEO Tim Rutledge who highlighted that the barcode system for drug doses prevents more than 2,000 potential errors. See the Global story.

Bar code turns 40: Next-generation codes move past grocery stores

Aleksandra Sagan,CBC.ca Jun 26, 2014

George Laurer had no idea his design would reach well beyond retail outlets when he created the black line and number sets known as the modernbar code while working for IBM as an engineer. Forty years ago today, Laurer's creation — the Universal Product Code (UPC) —was first put to use in a U.S. grocery store. Since then, a new generation of bar code cataloguing devices has infiltrated multiple industries and even human bodies. GS1has been working to standardize their use in hospitals to help eliminate human error in patient care. Toronto's North York General Hospital uses bar code scanning to ensure patients are receiving the right medication... Read the complete story on the CBC website.