Our eHealth foundation will help us achieve our vision by:

  • Expanding the benefits of eHealth technologies to all our patients, clinicians and leaders
  • Connecting information beyond our walls with our health care partners and patients.
Read North York General Hospital's eHealth Strategy 2015–2018.

To achieve these goals by 2018, we will:

1.  Enhance integrated care through advanced information technologies by:

  • Completing our journey to an organization-wide electronic medical record (EMR)
  • Advancing electronic health care information exchange with other hospitals, community providers and patients

2.  Support evidence-based decision making by:

  • Enhancing and expanding the use of evidence-based electronic order sets and other clinical decision supports
  • Investing in tools and resources to analyze key data from our hospital and key partners to improve care delivery, research and innovation
3.  Achieve operational excellence in information technology infrastructure and services by:
  • Ensuring a reliable and high performing IT infrastructure to support our growing dependence on eHealth technology to support the delivery of high-quality care
  • Continually improving service quality and efficiency by adopting leading industry standards, tools, and lean processes

4.  Demonstrate eHealth leadership to our health care partners by:

  • Sharing our knowledge and expertise in innovative design and clinician adoption of advanced EMR systems and evidence-based clinical decision support
  • Collaborating with government agencies and other health care organization to support the advancement and use of emerging health information technology solutions

Trhough our eHealth foundation we are expanding the benefits of eHealth technologies to all our patients, clinicians and leaders.

We are very proud to be leaders and early adopters of eHealth solutions that are transforming how we provide quality care and ensure patient safety.
Dr. Tim Rutledge, President and CEO