Transforming our spaces

In the ever-changing world of health care, organizations are evolving to further meet the needs of patients and their families. This is not only done through the various services offered and through the continuum of care, but also by building physical spaces that adapt to changing environments.

It's no simple feat. Building and renovating hospital spaces is a complex and multifaceted process, according to Cliff Harvey, Vice President, Planning, Facilities and Support Services at North York General Hospital (NYGH). “Growth must always be strategic,” he says. “We must plan carefully so that North York General will be resilient to the ever-changing demands of the health care landscape.”

With a steady increase in patient volumes due to our booming diverse community, North York General currently has three major capital projects in progress, or in the pre-construction phase: the renovation of our Charlotte & Lewis Steinberg Emergency, the redevelopment of the 7th and 8th floors, and the remodel of the Phillips House.
Improving the patient experience in the Charlotte & Lewis Steinberg Emergency
You may have passed by our Emergency Department (ED) and noticed that it is currently under renovations both inside and out. With an anticipated cost of nearly $5 million, the redevelopment was funded entirely by donations to the North York General Foundation. With over 100,000 visits annually, North York General's ED is very busy to say the least. Facility redesign in the ED will not only contribute to improvements in the quality of care offered within this department, but will have a positive impact upon the patient experience. The redevelopment will also address the challenges associated with serving patients with acute mental illness in the ED environment, through the remodel of mental health crisis rooms to make the space safer and welcoming.
Renovations to the Charlotte & Lewis Steinberg Emergency, North York General Hospital, January 2016.
Exterior and interior renovations are underway in the Charlotte & Lewis Steinberg Emergency (Jan. 28, 2016).
New medical inpatient unit will have additional isolation rooms

On the other side of the building, you may have also seen our external lift and plenty of construction work going on. The redevelopment of the 7th and 8th floors will deliver a new medical inpatient unit that will provide additional isolation room capacity, will help relieve wait time pressures in the ED, improve quality of patient care and provide a better working environment for staff. It will also be the future home of the Steinberg Family Acute Care Unit. In the coming months, the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), currently located on the 6th floor, will be moving to the 8th floor while work is completed on the floor below. Once construction has finished on the 7th floor, the ICU will go back to its home on the 6th floor.
Phillips House: Re-imagining how we provide outpatient mental health care for children and families 

Lastly, the Phillips House Redevelopment Project allows North York General to fully live out its core value of putting patients first in everything we do by creating a therapeutic environment tailored to meet the mental health needs of our patients and their families.  
The redeveloped Phillips House will create a therapeutic environment tailored to meet the mental health needs of our patients and their families.
As a fully donor-funded project, North York General Foundation is committing philanthropic investment to transform this facility and re-imagine how outpatient children and family mental health care is provided. The redevelopment of the Phillips House also offers NYGH the opportunity to provide educational women's programs in a home-like setting.
Quality and safe environments for those we serve

All three projects will have an important impact on our community and the patients and families we serve. In keeping with the hospital's Strategy 2015–2018, our physical spaces remain a critical aspect in aligning exceptional care with exceptional environments of care. By enhancing our infrastructure we are supporting the best clinical and non-clinical experience for our patients and their families by providing them with high quality and safe environments.

As we continue working on hospital renovations, a key construction priority is to always minimize the impact to our patients and families. We thank you for your patience as we complete this necessary work. For more information about our construction projects and updates please visit the Construction Updates section on our website.

To support our hospital's greatest areas of need, please visit GoingBeyondCare.ca.
February 2, 2016

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