2016 Showcase

Posters for the 2016 Showcase:

5West: Putting the Pieces Together
Erica Latouche, RN, Sandra Brown, RPN, Angeli Jao, RPN, Victoria Sarmiento, RPN, Dana Viegas, RPN, Denise Tolios OT, Sonia Wang Pharmacist, Jackie Marcoux Rec Therapist, Tina Chopra RN,CNE, Ilona Turczyn, RN,CTM
North York General Hospital and University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

Continuity of Care and Identity Formation: A Critical Review of Interventions in Post-Graduate Training
Allyson Merbaum MD, CCFP, FCFP, Rebecca Stoller MD, CCFP, Kulamakan (Mahan) Kulasegaram PhD, Risa Freeman MD, MEd, CCFP, FCFP
North York General Hospital and University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

Think, Act, and Feel: Why Students Apply to a New uLInC
Clare Hutchinson1,4, Raed Hawa2, Stacey Bernstein3, Kulamakan Kulasegaram4, Mark D. Hanson3
1 North York General Hospital, North York, Ontario; 2 Toronto Western Hospital, Toronto, Ontario; 3Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario; 4 Wilson Centre, University of Toronto, Ontario

MOVE ON+ Project on a Reactivation Unit (5W): An Evidence Based Strategy to Promote Early Mobilization and Prevent Functional Decline in Older Patients Admitted to Hospital
Maria Angela Tubale, Research Coordinator, MOVE ON+, Ilona Turczyn, RN, MN, Clinical Team Manager, Tina Chopra RN,MN, Clinical Nurse Educator, Nadia Merali, OT, Elizabeth Hall, PT, Sara Cho, RA, Trevor Farrugia, RA, North York General Hospital and University of Toronto; Toronto, Canada

Independently Implementing Slow Low Efficiency Dialysis (SLED) within a Critical Care Unit
Marina Bitton, RN, MN, CNCC (C), Jo-Ann Fernando RN, MN, CNCC (C), Shelley Albert, MD, FRCP (C), Phil Shin, MD, FRCPC, Donna McRitchie, MD, MSc, FRCSC, Danielle Ferreira RN, MN

Examining Social Workers Attitudes, Beliefs and Perceptions of Offering a Social Work Field Placement: A Program Evaluation
Laurie de Oliveira, Uma Dalal, Melissa Burman, Kiran Kahlon, Taheera Habib
North York General Hospital and University of Toronto; Toronto, Canada

Assessment of patients receiving complex pain management interventions: An educational module of epidural analgesia using standardized patients for Registered Nurses
M. Sawhney,1,2 M. Wong,1 L. Jussaume,1 R. Wilson,2 M. Luctkar-Flude,2 C. Eadie,1 E. Landry,1 J. Minoza,1 L. Vanta,1 R. Bowry1
Surgical Program, North York General Hospital; Toronto, Ontario, Canada1
School of Nursing, Queen's University; Kingston, Ontario, Canada 2

A longitudinal education scholarship faculty development program at a community academic hospital: Describing the play within the play
Rick Penciner MD*+, Voula Christofilos RD*, Rebecca Stoller MD*+ Risa Freeman MD*+
*North York General Hospital, Toronto, Canada; +Department of Family & Community Medicine, University of Toronto

It's more than just Travel CME: An Embedded Ethnography of a Unique Emergency Medicine Conference
Penciner R., Dainty KN. North York General Hospital, Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute of St. Michael's Hospital

Successful Interprofessional Knowledge Translation and Implementation for TOR-BSST (Toronto Bedside Swallowing Screening Tool) Best Practices in Stroke Care
Tina Fernandes Chopra, RN, BScN, MN, Margit Labas-Weber, SLP, M.A.reg.CASLPO, Nadia Pennella, SLPS-LP(C) Reg. CASLPO, Bojay Hansen, CHIM
North York General Hospital, 4001 Leslie St., Toronto, Ontario, Canada M2K 1E1

RPNAO Role Clarity Project: The Optimization of Nursing Staff Care Delivery Through Leadership & Collaborative Nursing Practice
Zahra Ismail RN, MN CPRS, ENC(C), CHE Clinical Team Manager and Maria Monteiro RN, MN Clinical Nurse Educator

Strategic Students
Tamara Belfer, Jennifer Bowman, and Andrea Bracaglia