Dr. Greg McCain

Plastic Surgeon Greg McCain joined the hospital in 1972 from Purdue University:
Even though we had expanded, we were still very much a cottage kind of hospital. We were sitting in the emergency waiting for people to come in. Now, can you imagine that today?

One of my very first days here I got called to the emergency department to see a boy who'd been in a car accident. I went into the operating room and there was the chief surgeon, an orthopaedic surgeon because he'd broken something, there was a general surgeon there doing his spleen, an urologist because he'd ruptured his kidney and I was there to sew up some things. And I thought to myself, here are five specialists all in one operating room all at one time doing this.

I remember being a resident downtown and you'd be lucky to get two residents in the OR. Every one of these people had umpteen years of experience and were there for one purpose, and that was patient care. It hit me pretty hard to know that I'm part of a big team here and that was always the situation here. We didn't have a lot of interns and residents in the beginning so we did all the work and I think we built a great foundation which meant that in the next wave, interns and residents wanted to come here.
NYGH surgeon