Nurse Practitioners at North York General Hospital

Nurse practitioners at North York General Hospital (NYGH) work independently to full scope of practice and in collaboration with other health care professionals across our multisite organization. We accept students from the Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto and Ryerson University.

Benefits of a nurse practitioner (NP) placement at NYGH include:

  • A variety of subspecialty opportunities in a busy community teaching hospital catchment area
  • Knowledgeable and supportive preceptors with many years of experience
  • Preceptors who have expertise across primary, adult or paediatric specialties
  • Many opportunities for additional learning through the Centre for Education, program-specific rounds, unit-based rounds and corporate nursing and interprofessional education
  • Strong focus on interprofessional education and collaboration (IPE/C)
  • Opportunity for IPE-specific clinical placements through our Centre for Education

Meet our nurse practitioners

For placement opportunities please contact the nurse practitioner directly.
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Farida Roy, RN (EC), BSc.N, MN, NP-Adult

Area of specialty: Department of Surgery, Acute Pain Service

  • Management of post-operative pain
  • Develop and update policy and procedures
  • Create patient and family education materials
  • Deliver pain management sessions to new hires at corporate and unit level
  • Educate nurses on pain management during unit based retreats
  • Participate in different corporate and surgical department committees including quality-based projects
  • Work on “Future of Education on Pain Management” at corporate level with an interprofessional team.

Tamara DeCraemer, MN, NP(Adult)

Area of speciality: Department of Medicine –Stroke

Role: Tamara rotates between two related roles. In the stroke prevention clinic, she triages, and initiates treatment for patients with suspected of a transient ischemic attack (TIA). She works together with a neurologist to provide timely secondary prevention measures on an outpatient basis.

In her other role, she cares for admitted stroke patients for whom she manages daily care in collaboration with the admitting medicine physician and the interdisciplinary team.

Activities: She has been involved in both internal and external committee work, to improve the quality of stroke care provided across the health care continuum.

Donna Ruffo, RN(EC), MN, GNC(c)

Area of specialty: Geriatric medicine

Role: Member of the Geriatric Internal Consultation Team. Provide comprehensive geriatric assessments to patients across the organization in collaboration with a geriatrician and/or Care of the Elderly physician.

Activities: Strong leadership involvement in the development of a corporate eldercare vision. Provide learning opportunities for staff to gain comfort in dealing with complex geriatric patients. Member of multiple internal and external committees relating to geriatric care and nurse practitioner practice.

Suggested pre-rotation readings

Jane Young, MN, NP(Adult)

Area of specialty: Inpatient stroke care and stroke prevention clinic

Role: Jane rotates between two related roles. In the stroke prevention clinic, she triages, and initiates treatment for patients with suspected TIA. She works together with a neurologist to provide timely secondary prevention measures on an outpatient basis.

Activities: Daily primary care of inpatient stroke patients. Coordination, assessment and case management for clinic patients. NP representative on Nursing Practice Council. Monthly case review/education for staff on inpatient unit. Quality improvement initiatives/research.

Karen Yu, RN(EC), MN-NP Adult

Area of specialty: Cardiology

Role: My role involves managing patients with cardiac diseases in both inpatient and outpatient clinic setting with a focus mainly on heart failure.

Karen Lock, RN(EC), NP-Adult, MN, CON(C), CHPCN(C)

Area of specialty: Supportive and Palliative Care, Department of Medicine

Role: Karen is the NP in Supportive Care for non-cancer patients and a member of the Freeman Centre for the Advancement of Palliative Care. She works in both clinic and on the inpatient units to care for patients with advanced cardiac and respiratory illnesses. Her work includes symptom assessment and management, goals of care discussion, advance care planning, community service referrals and coordination, and evidence-based end-of-life care. She collaborates with various palliative care physicians, cardiologists, cardiology nurse practitioners and other members of the interprofessional team in her daily work. Karen has a Canadian Nurses Associaton certification in hospice palliative care and oncology nursing. She is also a course facilitator for LEAP (Learning Essentials Approaches to Palliative and End-of-Life Care), an interprofessional competency-based educational program with Pallium Canada.

Yih-Jy Liu, RN(EC), MN-NP Paediatrics

Area of specialty: Child and adolescent eating disorders

Role: I work within an interdisciplinary team setting in the Child and Adolescent Eating Disorders Program providing medical care, including assessing, diagnosing and treating, children and adolescents with an eating disorder in all three clinical areas — inpatient, outpatient and day hospital programs.

Kim Harkness RN(EC), MN

Area of specialty: Geriatric medicine

Role: Collaborative care of frail elderly patients admitted to the Acute Care of the Elderly  (ACE) service. In addition to management of acute illness, patients undergo a comprehensive geriatric assessment. Our ACE team consists of the NP, geriatricians/Care of the Elderly physicians, and a pharmacy clinician who work in conjunction with our nursing and Interprofessional health care team.

Activities: Provides formal and informal education to staff regarding care of the elderly and complex geriatric issues. Member of several internal and external committees related to geriatric care including the Corporate Falls Committee and quality improvement projects with the 5SE team.

Branson Ambulatory Care Centre

Kevin Edwards, NP(PHC), MPH, CDE

Area of specialty: Centre for Complex Diabetes Care, Branson Ambulatory Care Centre

Role: Providing care to adults with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. This includes assessing, diagnosing and treating diabetes complications and other comorbidities in collaboration with an interprofessional team consisting of endocrinologist, registered nurses, registered dietitians, social workers, pharmacists and chiropodist.

Activities: Member of the North York General Hospital Education Council

Pushkala Taracad, NP-PHC, MScN, CDE

Area of specialty: Centre for Complex Diabetes Care, Branson Ambulatory Care Centre

Role: Comprehensive care and management of adults with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. My role involves collaborating with an interdisciplinary team to assess, diagnose, treat and manage patients with complex diabetes and multiple comorbidities.

Seniors' Health Centre

Saad Rahman, BScN, MSN, RN, FNP

Area of specialty: Long-term care (LTC), palliative care

Role: Work with the interdisciplinary team and in collaboration with LTC physicians to assess, diagnose, treat, and manage acute and chronic conditions/palliative care. Build knowledge and capacity for interprofessional health care staff through education alongside other quality improvement initiatives.


  • Assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of acute and chronic conditions of LTC residents (seniors) and convalescent patients.
  • Palliative care initiation / consultation, education and counselling in partnership with the Freeman Centre for the Advancement of Palliative Care. Care involves both residents and their families in the care process.
  • Knowledge and capacity building for interprofessional staff through educational seminars/ inservices/ lectures/ presentations/ shadowing.
  • Assisting in the development and strengthening of quality improvement initiatives to aid in the growth and optimal functionality of care provided to the residents of the Seniors' Health Centre.
  • Utilize an interprofessional team approach to deliver goal oriented and evidence-based care to residents at the Seniors' Health Centre.