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North York General Hospital is one of Canada's leading community academic hospitals. The hospital's major programs include Cancer Care, Maternal, Newborn and Paediatric Care, Emergency Medicine, Family and Community Medicine, Genetics, Maternal Newborn, Medicine and Elder Care, Mental Health, and Surgery. 

They are supported by a number of departments including Medical Imaging, Laboratory Medicine and Pharmacy Services. The hospital has over 300 active staff physicians, with most having a faculty appointment at the University of Toronto.

Education program

At North York General Hospital, there is a long standing tradition and commitment to medical education, dating back to the inception of the hospital in 1968. Since 2004, a renewed commitment to training medical students and residents has resulted in a significant increase in the medical learner days. At the University of Toronto, one out every five medical learner days in the community takes place at NYGH. All of the programs and departments are involved in medical education. The largest contributors include Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Medicine and Surgery.
North York General programs are the training site for four core clerkship programs and provide a site for core rotations to 22 different University of Toronto Residency Programs. North York General is actively involved in pre-clerkship teaching. Family physicians and specialists teach year 1 and 2 medical students in the Art & Science of Clinical Medicine 1 and 2, the Determinants of Community Health 1 and Mechanisms, Manifestations and Management of Disease.

Seeking an elective

All departments at North York General Hospital offer elective opportunities for senior medical students and residents from University of Toronto, across Canada and internationally. To arrange electives, individual departments need to be contacted. In addition, please note the following:

For students
All visiting elective students (those not from University of Toronto) must also register directly with the Visiting Electives Office at the University of Toronto.

For residents
All visiting elective residents (those not from University of Toronto) must also register directly with the Postgraduate Medical Education Office at the University of Toronto.

Contact information by North York General departments.

Starting a rotation

Placement prerequisites
The following prerequisites are required in order for a student to start a placement at North York General Hospital:

Mask fit testing
You must have completed mask fit testing within the past 24 months. The following information will be requested upon registration:
  • Date mask fitted
  • Location mask fitted
  • Size/Model
Mandatory training
All mandatory training modules must be completed prior to the first day of your rotation. You will be asked to verify that you have completed the online modules including date of completion as part of your registration process. The modules are also available on the registration pages.

Prior to first day

You should receive an email from your hospital department/rotation contact with information about your rotation orientation (meeting time and location). If you have not received this information by the Thursday before your start date, please let us know.

  1. Complete the online registration form. (Links to the registration form and orientation module will be emailed to you along with computer training registration information.)

  2. Complete the online mandatory training modules.

  3. Complete the electronic health record training. You will NOT be allowed to provide clinical services until this training is completed. The online training will take approximately one to two hours. (Complete the “Introduction” and the 15 modules under “Viewing Patient Information in PowerChart”). Trainees not starting on the official “start date” of their rotation will need to book an individual training time by contacting the Centre for Education.

    Please Note: accessing any of the systems utilizing someone else's username and password contravenes the hospital's privacy policy.

On the first day

Bring with you:

Government issued photo ID. This is required in order for you to receive a hospital ID.
Deposit a $100 refundable deposit will be required for your ID badge, security access card, pager and scrub card (credit card).
Payment for parking (debit or credit card)

At the hospital:
Parking (if applicable) — Monthly costs of $60 (debit or credit card accepted). Daily rates are also available by contacting the parking office. Parking at the hospital is available in the Staff Parking Lot. Please park in Visitors Parking on your first day, once you pay for your monthly pass, your parking ticket for that day will be validated. The Parking Office is located at the parking deck, ground level, adjacent to the exit gates. The hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week.

Attend the computer training from 8 a.m.–12 noon in Room GN23
This training is in addition to the online computer training. You will NOT be allowed to provide clinical services until this training is completed. Room GN23 is located on the ground floor — take the corridor behind the cafeteria towards Shipping & Receiving and turn left when you reach the Central Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) office. The training office is at the end of the hall on your left.

Obtain photo ID — This is required in order for you to receive a hospital ID. The Badge Office is located at the General site on the east wing, ground floor besides shipping. Hours of operation are 10-10:30 a.m. and 1:30-2 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Attend your scheduled department orientation

Other information

Hospital department information
Access overviews of resident rotations,schedule, activities, assessment, etc.

Dictation number
Residents on Paediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, and Surgery will be required to use the Health Records Digital Dictation System. A dictation number and training card will be issued on the first day of the rotation either following computer training or from the Office of Medical Education.

Lounge/call rooms
The medical trainee lounge is located on 6 North. Call rooms are also located in this area. The call rooms and lounge are available for use by medical trainees 24/7. Each call room has a networked computer for personal or hospital related use.

Call room procedures
  • Call rooms can be reserved starting at 8 a.m. on the day of call by writing your <name>, <date> and <service> on the white board on the door of the designated call room.
  • Call rooms can be used exclusively by the trainee on-call who reserved the room only after 4 p.m.
  • Do not leave your personal items in the call room till after 4 p.m.
  • All call rooms are available to be used by any medical trainee between 9 a.m.–to 4 p.m. on a first-come basis.
  • If you use the call room between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., you must
    • allow hospital staff to clean the room
    • change the linen on the bed with clean linen if you use it.
Call stipends
A completed and signed Call Stipend Form and a copy of the master call schedule for each calendar month should be submitted to the Medical Education Office by the 6th of each month.

Travel reimbursements
Travel reimbursement claim forms should be returned to the Medical Education Office monthly. As outlined in the PAIRO agreement, the hospital will pay taxi charges to a maximum $70 per month (with appropriate receipts) under the following circumstances:
  • A resident is on out of hospital call and can respond within the Medical Advisory Committee's approved regulations regarding response time
  • The resident does not have a parking pass
  • The requirement to attend for clinical duties occurs after 6 p.m. and before 6 a.m.
Vacation request
All vacation requests need to be approved by the service you will be on and your base program.

A $100 refundable deposit is required for the Photo ID, pager, scrub card and security card. Payment is by credit card. The deposit will not be refunded if any of the items described are not returned at the end of the rotation.

Library access
The Library is located on the main floor and is staffed Monday to Thursday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Access outside of these hours is available to all residents and students with secure card access or by contacting security.

Red Button

Access the Red Button, a quick reference for students and residents at North York General Hospital who find themselves in an emergency or crisis situation of various kinds.