Prior to First Day

You should receive an email from your hospital department/rotation contact with information about your rotation orientation (meeting time and location). If you have not received this information by the Thursday before your start date, please let us know.

  1. Complete the online registration form. (Links to the registration form and orientation module will be emailed to you along with computer training registration information.)

  2. Complete the online mandatory training modules.

  3. Complete the electronic health record training. You will NOT be allowed to provide clinical services until this training is completed. The online training will take approximately one to two hours. (Complete the “Introduction” and the 15 modules under “Viewing Patient Information in PowerChart”). Trainees not starting on the official “start date” of their rotation will need to book an individual training time by contacting the Centre for Education.

    Please Note: accessing any of the systems utilizing someone else's username and password contravenes the hospital's privacy policy.