Master's Students

  • Complete the online registration form (link will be provided).
  • Complete all online mandatory training modules (you will be asked to confirm completion of these during your registration).
  • Connect with the Centre for Education regarding other specific requirements based to your specific placement.
Online Registration

All students must register for their placement through the Centre for Education. You will receive a link to our registration system upon approval of your placement. Registration needs to be completed as soon as possible or at least one week prior to your placement.

Online Mandatory Training

The online mandatory training is required of all students prior to starting a placement in compliance with provincial legislation.


Depending on your particular placement needs, you may be required to complete the “general CBT modules” and “Viewing patient information CBT modules” available on the online health record training pages prior to starting your placement. You may also be required to attend In-person training sessions for access to the electronic health record. The Centre for Education will notify you of the placement requirements via email.