North York General Hospital has both an inpatient pharmacy department and an outpatient pharmacy at the General site.

Inpatient Pharmacy
We are technologically advanced, being one of three hospitals in Canada to have a Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Stage 6 designation with an electronic medical record (encompassing computerized clinician order entry, electronic MAR, scanned paper records and electronic prescribing), barcoding to enhance a closed loop medication management system, and evidence-based clinical decision support systems.

Pharmacy Services provides medication dispensing according to safe medication practice guidelines for all oral, intravenous, and total parenteral nutrition therapy. As well, it manufactures medications that are not readily available in required dosages for paediatric and neonatal intensive care patients. Pharmacy technicians are responsible for the preparation, manufacturing, and dispensing of the majority of oral, IV, TPN, and chemotherapy medications. They are also certified for our tech-check-tech procedures.

In addition to verifying all medications prepared and dispensed through Pharmacy Services, pharmacists provide care to patients in a variety of ways (see below). The inpatient pharmacy staff consists of a director, two managers, one clinical coordinator/practitioner, five clinical practitioners, 36 staff pharmacists and 30 technicians.

Role of Inpatient Pharmacy with inpatient care areas

In collaboration with the interdisciplinary team, pharmacists are actively involved with each of the inpatient care areas, with services that include:
  • Performing patient assessments to obtain a thorough medication history and to verify allergy upon admission
  • Assessing all new medication orders to ensure appropriateness and completeness
  • Monitoring a patient's response to therapy, and potential medication related problems or side effects of treatment to provide a resolution plan
  • Attending patient care rounds
  • Providing drug information
  • Providing medication education for health providers; and
  • Providing medication counselling and education while a patient is in the hospital or upon discharge

    There is also a hospital-wide Pharmacist Warfarin Management Program.

Outpatient Pharmacy
North York General's outpatient pharmacy services are provided at the General site and rotations are offered there. The General site staff consists of one manager, two staff pharmacists, four pharmacy technicians and one volunteer. The outpatient drug store provides prescription and over-the-counter drug services, using state-of-the-art technology such as the Beacon® dispensing system. Other services include: consultations on medication use, individualized one-on-one pharmacist to patient medication assessment and education sessions (including MedsChecks), and preparation of patient compliance packaging.

Education program

We currently offer the following placements:

  • University of Toronto Pharmacy Students
    °Early Practice Experience (EPE) —Year 1 and 2
    °PharmD Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE)

  • University of Waterloo Pharmacy Students
    °Co-op Students (outpatient drug store)

  • Ontario College of Pharmacists — Internships
    °Structured Practical Training (SPT) Internships for Pharmacist Licensure

  • Pharmacy Technician Students
    °We currently work with a number of community colleges and institutions for their student placements throughout the year.
Seeking a placement

Placement process

Pharmacy students
Early Practice Experience(four-week period in May, June, July or August) — assigned by faculty
Deadlines as per University of Toronto Faculty of Pharmacy

Structured Practical Experience Program — assigned by faculty 
Deadlines as per University of Toronto Faculty of Pharmacy

PharmD Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience — assigned by faculty
Deadlines as per University of Toronto Faculty of Pharmacy

Internship — interview process
For summer internships —resumes will be accepted in February/March 
    • For fall internships —resumes will be accepted in May/June

For Waterloo Co-op — interview process
   • Outpatient pharmacy will be accepting one co-op student per four-month work term 
   • Deadlines as per University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy

Pharmacy technician students
Placements are arranged by the teaching institutions through our coordinator.

For further information please contact the most appropriate person.

Starting a placement

Placement prerequisites

The following prerequisites are required in order for a student to start a placement at North York General Hospital:

  • Mask fit testing
    You must have completed mask fit testing within the past 24 months. The following information will be requested upon registration:
    Date mask fitted
    Location mask fitted

  • Immunizations
    Your immunizations need to be up to date. This includes a TB test within the past 12 months. The hospital is not responsible for any expenses relating to immunization requirements. Students will not be allowed to start a placement without proper documentation. Seasonal influenza immunizations are highly recommended. Your rotation or placement may be affected if this is missing.

    If you are a student in a graduate program and have not provided your institution with documentation regarding immunizations, you must bring this with you on or prior to your first day of placement.

    You will be asked to confirm your immunization status as well as your TB test results during the registration process.
    Immunization form

  • Workplace insurance

    Institutional Workplace Insurance Agreement
    The students from publically funded Ontario colleges and universities are covered for workplace injuries through a program from the Ministry of Colleges and Universities. If you are from one of these academic
    institutions you do not need to do anything else.

    Private workplace insurance
    This applies to the following:
    • Out of province students
    • Students from private institutions
    • Students in a practicum placement following completion of their academic studies

    Bring certificate of coverage on Day 1

    Not applicable
    • Observers
    • Students paid by NYGH

  • Vulnerable sector screen
    Vulnerable sector screen must be completed within the past 12 months for all students and must be submitted to your academic institution. If you have not provided the completed screen to your academic institution, you must bring it in on Day 1 of your placement.

    If your screen has positive findings, please notify us before your placement, as conditions of your placement will need to be reviewed.

  • Mandatory training
    All mandatory training modules must be completed prior to the first day of your rotation. You will be asked to verify that you have completed the online modules including date of completion as part of your registration process. The modules are also available on the registration pages.
Prior to first day

  • Complete online registration form (Link will be emailed to you.)
  • Complete online training modules
  • Complete all online orientation modules (see below)
Online registration
All students must register for their placement through the Centre for Education. You will receive a link to our registration system upon approval of your placement.
Online mandatory training
The online mandatory training is required of all students prior to starting a placement in compliance with provincial legislation.

Online orientation
The online general orientation program is designed to provide you with knowledge of our programs, services and policies and to provide you with information required for your placement.

Pharmacy students:

A. Early Practical Experience (EPE)
1. Best Possible Medication History (BPMH) certification
2. Electronic Patient Record (PowerChart)
B. PharmD Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) inpatient interns:
1. BPMH certification

2. Electronic Patient Record (PowerChart)

3. Drug Profile Viewer
*Students doing ambulatory/outpatient rotations are not required to complete this part
On the first day

Bring with you:
  • Immunization record including documentation of recent TB test
  • Vulnerable Sector Screen
  • Workplace insurance (if applicable)
  • Drug Profile Viewer form (DPV) (if applicable)
  • DPV NYGH agreement form (if applicable)
    Government issued photo ID — This is required in order for you to receive a hospital ID. The Badge Office is located at the General site on the east wing, ground floor besides shipping. Hours of operation are 10-10:30 a.m. and 1:30-2 p.m., Monday to Friday.If you are a student at the Branson Ambulatory Care Centre, you may want to receive your badge a couple of days earlier to not affect your placement time.

    Payment for parking (if applicable) — Monthly costs of $60 (debit or credit card accepted). Daily rates are also available by contacting the parking office. Parking at the hospital is available in the Staff Parking Lot. Please park in Visitors Parking on your first day, once you pay for your monthly pass, your parking ticket for that day will be validated. The Parking Office is located at the parking deck, ground level, adjacent to the exit gates. The hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week.


    Inpatient pharmacy students and interns, and outpatient Early Practice Experience and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience placements

    Jenny Chiu, RPh, BScPhm, ACPR
    Acute Care Practitioner/Clinical Coordinator
    Department of Pharmacy
    North York General Hospital
    4001 Leslie Street
    Toronto ON M2K 1E1
    Tel: 416-756-6000, ext 3282
    Fax: 416-756-6309

    Outpatient drug store — Interns and co-op students

    Norman Tang, RPh
    Manager, Outpatient Drug Store
    North York General Hospital
    4001 Leslie Street
    Toronto ON M2K 1E1
    Tel: 416-756-6000, ext 6752

    Pharmacy technician students

    Andrew Devereaux
    Department of Pharmacy
    4001 Leslie Street
    North York General Hospital
    Toronto ON M2K 1E1
    Tel: 416-756-6000, ext 6098

    Centre for Education
    Ann Bickram
    Education Coordinator, Nursing, Health Professions, Administrative & Operational
    Centre for Education, 6 North–Room 630
    North York General Hospital
    4001 Leslie Street
    Toronto ON M2K 1E1
    Tel: 416-756-6000 x4805

    Red Button

    Access the Red Button, a quick reference for students and residents at North York General Hospital who find themselves in an emergency or crisis situation of various kinds.