2013 Showcase

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Description & Evaluation of a Motivational Interviewing Curriculum for Family Medicine Residents at North York General Hospital    
Lazare K. and Feldman P.; North York General Hospital, University of Toronto   Poster

Psychiatry — Family Practice Liaison: assessment of current practice and evolving needs in a community teaching hospital   
Katalin J. Margittai (MD FRCPC), Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, University of Toronto; Psychiatric Consultant, Ambulatory Mental Health Clinic, North York General Hospital, Toronto   Poster

With Canadian Health Care Costs increasing $100 billion over 10 years, between 2000 and 2010, for a population increase of 3.5 million people … Health Care Needs a ‘Hell of a Lot of Engineering’! … Industrial Engineering that is …   
George Paraghamian, BASc. P.Eng., Quality Improvement Specialist, North York General Hospital, Toronto  Poster

Evolving Technology: Innovations in Patient Education for Hip and Knee Care  
Larissa Clemente, Valeria Thompson, Scott Lewis, Linda Jussaume, Dr. John Faulkner, Paulina Ferreira, Maureen Kinnersly, Bibi Rampersad, & Wesley Wong; Hip and Knee Care, Surgical Program, North York General Hospital, Toronto   Poster

Performance Enhancement Process: a tool to enhance communication and team function within the Mother and Baby Unit   
Michelle Amato, RN, MN, PNC(C), IBCLC;  Cathie Badeau, RN, CNCC, BScN, MHSc, CHE; Andrea Hollingshead, RN, BScN, North York General Hospital, Toronto   Poster

The Effectiveness of Interdisciplinary, Case Based Learning in Continuing Education in Geriatric Care in a Hospital Clinic Day Setting  
Donna Ruffo RN(EC) NP-Adult, MN, GNC(c) and Joyce Lee MD, North York General Hospital, Toronto   

Transforming The Patient Experience In The Emergency Department   
Siew Tang RN, Kaeli Cochrane RN, Alyssa Hamilton RN, Melissa Smith RN 
North York General Hospital, Toronto  Poster

Nursing Education: Key to Successful Implementation of the Enhanced Recovery after Surgery Program   
Michelle Wong, RN, BHSc, MN; Mona Sawhney, RN(EC), PhD; Paulina Ferreira, RN, MScN; Linda Jussaume, RN, BScN, MBA; Peter Stotland, MD MSc FRCSC; Darryl Irwin, MD FRCPC; Stan Feinberg, MD FRCSC; Catherine Eadie, RN BScN; Surgical Program, North York General and University of Toronto Poster

Creating an Urgent Follow Up Clinic for Crisis Management: From Conception and Design to Successful Outcomes
Maryann O’Hearne, RN, CTM, Fern Lee Quint, RN BA, Ian Weinroth, MD FRCPC
North York General Hospital, Toronto   Poster

Handouts at Emergency Medicine conferences: Are they worth the paper they’re printed on? 
Rick Penciner, MD; North York General Hospital, Department of Family & Community Medicine, University of Toronto  Poster