2015 Showcase

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5 Years of Team Development: Advancing Interprofessional Education & Care at a Community Academic Hospital
Daphne Flatt*^, Voula Christofilos*, Rick Penciner*^
*North York General Hospital & ^University of Toronto; Toronto, Canada  Poster

Understanding Patients with Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD): An Inter-Professional Educational Approach
Ehpic Team Members: Sophia Lilly (RN), Denise Tolios (OT), Elisa Weinstein (PT) Sonia Wang (Pharmacist) Dr. Judy Lin (Psychiatrist)
Knowledge Translation Team Members: Ilona Turczyn CTM, Jackie Marcoux Rec Therapist, Dana Viegas RPN, Amanda Nelson RPN, Christina Roccia RPN, Jennifer Page CNE   Poster

Continuity of Care at NYGH: taking stock and planning for the future 
Allyson Merbaum MD, CCFP, FCFP, Vanessa Rambihar MD, CCFP, Rebecca Stoller MD, CCFP, David Eisen MD, CCFP, FCFP, Risa Freeman MD, MEd, CCFP, FCFP   Poster

Daily Learner Feedback & Assessment Tool: A Community Academic Hospital Approach
Rick Penciner MD*+, Kerry McPartland*
*North York General Hospital, Toronto, Canada;
+Department of Family & Community Medicine, University of Toronto   Poster

Our Journey Building Diversity Awareness at North York General Hospital
Johan Beukes, BMil Hons, MEcon, Consultant, Organizational Development & Learning; Joan Silcox-Smith, BA, Mdiv., Director, Religious and Spiritual Care Jumper Minosa, Unit Coordinator, Surgical Inpatient; Dorothy Wong, MBA, Coordinator, Diversity Services
North York General Hospital, Toronto, Ontario   Poster

Documenting Pharmacy Student Activities Using a Clinical Pharmacist Workload Measurement Tool
Monica Lee, BScPhm, MSc, PharmD, RPh, Jenny Chiu, BScPhm, ACPR, RPh Pharmacy Department
North York General Hospital & University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada   Poster

Gentle Persuasive Approaches (GPA) to address responsive behaviours in dementia care
Diana Adams, BScN, MN, Shoshana Berliner, BSc OT, Sameera Chaudhary, MSc PT, Nadia Jaffer, MSc OT
North York General Hospital & University of Toronto; Toronto, Canada   Poster

An Interprofessional Approach to Fall Prevention at North York General Hospital
Shoshana Berliner, BSc. OT, Daphne Flatt, BSc.OT, MEd., Joanne Tao, BSc.OT
North York General Hospital & University of Toronto; Toronto, Canada   Poster

The Real Deal: Translating the Vision of Patient Engagement into Action
Bernard, C. BA; Beukes, J. MEcon; Campbell, J. M.Ed; MacMaster, M. MHSc and Zimmerman, K. MHS   Poster

Quality Road Map: Teaching QI in the Community
Josephine Lee , MD. Joanne Laine-Gossin, MPC, MD, CCFP. and Harvey Blankenstein, MD, CCFP, FCFP.   Poster

Team Learning: Interprofessional Student Placement
Daphne Flatt*^, Voula Christofilos*
North York General Hospital* & University of Toronto^; Toronto, Canada   Poster

Strategies to Increase Family Presence in the Critical Care Unit (CrCU)
The Critical Care Patient and Family Centred Care Team
North York General Hospital & University of Toronto: Toronto, Canada     Poster