Strategy Planning Community Engagement

Creating a strategic plan is a crucial step in helping define our future and how we can serve our communities and support all those who work, train and volunteer at North York General Hospital.

There are three steps to creating our strategic plan: 

1. Engagement
2. Select priorities and determine goals and objectives
3. Launch new strategy

We are currently in the engagement phase of our strategic planning process and consulting with our patients, health care providers, members of the community, as well as our staff, physicians and volunteers. On July 24, 2019, NYGH held a telephone town hall with approximately 4,000 residents. Read a summary of this engagement event. 

Survey: Have your say in defining NYGH

Over the last few months we have been working with you to develop a new strategy for North York General Hospital (NYGH). Hundreds of staff, physicians, patients, caregivers, donors, partners and community members have contributed their thoughts and ideas through interviews, surveys, team meetings, webinars and a telephone town hall.

Together, we have explored important questions about who we are as an organization, what's important to us/what drives us, what differentiates us from other hospitals, how we will evolve and improve and how we will best position ourselves for the future.

Based on the feedback, we heard that it can be difficult for people to recall our current vision, mission, and tagline, and that there is interest in finding a simpler way to define NYGH. Our research shows it is increasingly common for organizations to have a single, inspiring purpose statement. Examples include: Disney – “To make people happy” or Walmart – “Save Money. Live Better.”

We also heard that our values are the most important way we currently define ourselves.

In this follow up survey, we would like you to tell us what you think about:

  1. Creating a simple, inspiring purpose statement for NYGH that addresses who we are, what drives us and what differentiates us (instead of having a separate vision, mission and tagline)
  2. Reviewing our values to see which ones still feel important and whether there are new ones we want to consider adding.
Please take this quick 5-minute survey to help define our future and our strategy together.

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