Improving our physical spaces

Dr. Joshua Tepper
Dr. Joshua Tepper, President and CEO, North York General Hospital

One of the challenges we face in delivering care to our community is modernizing our building that is now more than 50 years old. We are undertaking steady renewal of the hospital with the help of the North York General Foundation and our philanthropic community.

The last few months have been a particularly special time as we have opened several newly redesigned spaces and I'd like to take the time to reflect on these successes:

  • In February, we officially opened the new Graham & Audrey Rosenberg Family Cardiac Care Clinic (formerly the Heart Function Clinic). The renovated clinic now offers more space, more privacy, state-of-the-art equipment and technology upgrades. It improves the care experience for thousands of patients (over 4,000 patient visits each year) who live with chronic heart conditions. The hospital and the North York General Foundation are incredibly grateful for the Rosenberg family's lead gift that went towards renovating the clinic, so we can better serve patients and their families in our growing community.

    Also in February, we opened the Karen, Heather & Lynn Steinberg Breast Centre which comprises the existing BMO Breast Diagnostic Clinic (BDC), updated clinical space and expanded patient areas. The renovation and the acquisition of a new digital mammography and other technologies was funded by Lewis and Charlotte Steinberg and the donor community.


  •  In April, the newly created Baruch/Weisz Cancer Centre, the renovated Anne Tanenbaum Chemotherapy Clinic and BMO Oncology Assessment & Support Services opened for patients receiving cancer treatment at North York General Hospital. Thanks to generous support from our donor community, these care environments feature modern, comfortable treatment areas designed to enhance privacy and space for patients and their families.

  • In June, North York General officially transitioned our Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Adolescent Eating Disorder Outpatient Services from the Branson Ambulatory Care Centre to Phillips House located at 10 Buchan Court. With thanks to our donor community, the redevelopment of Phillips House and Maddie's Healing Garden allows us to provide outpatient children and family mental health care in a warm and therapeutic setting for our young patients.

  • Work continues on the West Lobby refresh on the first floor which includes a new Ambulatory Clinic, new patient and family areas and a new registration area.

I just want to acknowledge that while these redevelopments are wonderful news for our patients and community as well as our staff, physicians and volunteers, the process can be challenging. I know at times it has been inconvenient and a bit noisy — there are also unavoidable delays. I would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding as we completed these projects. (I'm forever impressed by the teamwork demonstrated at North York General.) I want to give a particular shout out to the leadership of Rudy Dahdal, Vice President, Planning, Redevelopment and Support Services and his team in these redevelopments.



Joshua Tepper
President and CEO


August 8, 2019