Theme ― Safety Plan: Creating a world of safety

Dr. Joshua Tepper
Dr. Joshua Tepper, President and CEO, North York General Hospital

High quality care is something each of our patients and their family members expects and something we all take great pride in providing. Quality is a broad issue in health care and can be assessed across six dimensions of care: Safe, Effective, Efficient, Equitable, Patient- and Family–Centred, and Timely.

I am pleased to announce that as part of our effort to improve the safety dimension of quality we are launching our first ever Safety Plan. This plan is part of our Integrated Quality and Safety Framework, which you will hear more about in the coming weeks.

Our new plan has three critical foci:

  • Patients… including families and caregivers,

  • Staff... inclusive of everyone who works and studies here including all employees, physicians, volunteers as well as students, interns, residents and other learners,

  • The Workplace… including all of our sites and all parts of these sites

This breadth of approach sets our plan apart from others in health care.

There are also three overarching themes that guide this plan:

  • Trust… Everyone must be able to trust the organization — that speaking up for safety will be viewed as a positive action.

  • Courage… We must have the courage to raise concerns about safety before an event and be comfortable knowing that we won't always know if an adverse event was avoided.

  • Continuous improvement… when it comes to improving safety we need to continue to keep thinking in new and different ways.

Remarkably, over 800 people contributed to developing this new plan including health care providers, patients, caregivers and patient families.

We are also fortunate to have a dedicated team of experts in our Patient Experience and Quality department including Corporate Risk. Their contribution to the creation of this new Safety Plan cannot be overstated. However, safety doesn't rest with one part of the organization or one group of people but is a shared responsibility among all of us.

In addition to our comprehensive Safety Plan, there's a one-page summary for easy reference.

To support the rollout of the Integrated Quality and Safety Framework and the Safety Plan, the Patient Experience and Quality Department will help engage everyone in hospital safety initiatives. Keeping an eye on our Accreditation survey next year, this vision and the work we will undertake aligns with our goal of achieving the highest level of standing. This Safety Plan and the broader framework will also be helpful in developing our new strategic plan in the months ahead.

Again, my thanks to everyone who helped create this plan. I hope we can all help bring it to life.


Joshua Tepper
President and CEO


April 17, 2019