Supportive Cardiology Program

The Supportive Cardiology Program is a specialized cardiac program for people living with advanced heart failure. This program provides an added layer of support for you, your family, and your cardiology team that focuses on improving quality of life. This program is designed to reduce hospital admissions and emergency room visits by connecting you with community resources to manage symptoms at home. We offer assistance with advanced care planning and provide counseling and support to help achieve your goals.

Heart failure and supportive cardiology

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Health care team

The supportive cardiology team consists of specialized physicians, an advanced practice nurse, and a pharmacist. This team has expert knowledge in treating symptoms common to heart failure which includes pain, shortness of breath, swelling, fatigue, anxiety and depression and will work closely with your doctors (cardiologist, family doctors, etc.). Your cardiology team will continue to treat your heart failure, which may include medications, and your supportive cardiology team will provide additional symptom management support.

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Get referred

A physician referral is required for the Supportive Cardiology Program. Please talk to your family physician or cardiologist.

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