Leaving the Critical Care Unit

Leaving the Critical Care Unit icon

The Critical Care Unit provides intensive care to our patients requiring life-sustaining interventions and close monitoring. Once those interventions are no longer required, you will be discharged home or moved to another unit in the hospital.

Moving to a medicine unit

Our priority is to ensure patients are receiving care in the right place. Once a patient is well enough to be moved to another unit, every effort will be made to help settle a patient into the new unit in a timely manner. 

Moving to a new unit can happen at any time during the day. Your health care team will update you and your family about the details as soon as possible, so you can prepare. It is normal to experience some anxiety during this transition. If you have any questions during the move to another unit, please ask your health care team.

About medicine units

The environment of your new unit will be a little different. Nurses on medicine units will care for more than one patient. You will be shown how to call a nurse for assistance. There will be a full care team on your new unit and a Critical Care Response Team (CCRT) may visit if your health needs closer monitoring.

It is normal to feel tired and weak after being in the Critical Care Unit, which will improve with time. Speak with your health care team if you have any concerns regarding your recovery.

How to plan for moving to a new unit

Talk to your health care team about your accommodation options on the new unit. 

You will have three room options to choose from: 

  • Private
  • Semi-private
  • Ward (four beds in a room)

Some or all of the costs for a semi-private room may be covered by your private insurance provider. Make sure you have all your personal possessions such as toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, lotion, comb, shaving kit, dentures, glasses and hearing aids. We recommend you leave valuables such as purses, wallets and jewelry at home for safe keeping.

Discharge plans

Once you are ready to be discharged home, a member of your health care team will work with you and your family to develop a plan for your care.