Visiting the Critical Care Unit

Visiting the CrCU icon

Family and friends are welcomed to visit their loved one any time of the day. We recommend having two visitors at a time. The number of visitors may change depending on the patient's health. For the privacy of all our patients, please go directly to your loved ones room while visiting. 

Visitors' lounge
A visitors' lounge is available for family and friends and is equipped with a washroom and TV.

When not to visit
If you are not feeling well, please do not visit the Critical Care Unit for the safety of all our patients. Talk to a member of the health care team if you are unsure whether you are able to visit.

What not to bring 
To ensure the safety of our patients, fresh flowers, plants, food and balloons are not allowed in the Critical Care Unit.

Hand washing
To ensure the safety of our patients and yourself, please wash your hands with the hand rinse before and after each visit to the Critical Care Unit to help stop the spread of infection. 

Isolation precautions
If your loved one is in isolation, please ensure all isolation precautions are followed before entering and leaving the patient room. If you are unsure on the process, please ask a member of the health care team to help you. Learn more about Infection Prevention and Control at North York General Hospital.