Programs and Resources

The following programs are available to all patients of the Diabetes Education Centre and Centre for Complex Diabetes Care:

Craving Change

(3 sessions, 2 hours per session)

  • Understanding why you eat the way you do
  • Comfort yourself without food
  • Change your thinking, change your eating

Foot Care

(2 hours)

Learn how to prevent diabetic foot complications

  • Get tips on inspecting your feet, daily care, proper fitting shoes, exercise and more

You & Your Medication

(2 hours)

  • Find out more about over the counter medications and natural products that can help or hinder your diabetes

Stress Management

(2 hours)

  • Discover how stress affects diabetes and how diabetes affects stress

Pump Information

(2 hours)

  • Learn more about insulin pumps
  • Meet the insulin pump company representatives

Pump User Group

(2 hours)

  • Meet others who are currently using insulin pump technology
  • Learn best practices and practical strategies on getting the most out of your pump

Healthy Living Now

(2.5 hour sessions over 6 weeks)

  • Self-management workshop for adults with Type 2 diabetes
  • Learn techniques to deal with the symptoms of diabetes: hyper/hypoglycemia, fatigue and pain
  • Discover ways to manage stress and emotional problems; such as depression, anger, fear and frustration
  • Learn healthy eating, appropriate exercise and use of medication and working more effectively with health care

Diabetes Self-care

(2 hour sessions over 3 weeks + 1)

  • Learn about diabetes, medications, nutrition, monitoring blood sugar, safe targets and much more
  • Join the Review Group (4th week) to keep up to date, clarify questions and network with other Type 2 diabetes

Mindfulness Based Eating Program (MB-EAT) Training Group

(2.5 hour sessions over 12 weeks)

  • Make informed, balanced, healthy choices as a lifestyle
  • Mindfulness meditation

Understanding eating patterns and mindfulness eating exercises

  • Loving kindness and self-compassion practices
  • Exploration of craving and emotional eating

Links to Additional Resources

For further information about diabetes, please visit:

Please contact the CCDC if you are unable to access these links.