Meet the Team

The Freeman Centre for the Advancement of Palliative Care has a dedicated, compassionate and interprofessional team devoted to providing holistic care to patients. Together, they are committed to providing palliative care during any stage of serious illness.

It takes a team! The Freeman Centre for the Advancement of Palliative Care team:

Freeman Team

From left to right, back row: Karen Lock, Kata Mrazovac, Dr. Niren Shetty, Linh Chau, Dr. Valerie Caraiscos, Dr. Daphna Grossman, Marsha Butler, Rabih Yehya, Dr. Daryl Roitman
From left, front row: Sarah Yip, Shana Haberman, Melissa Burman, Dr. Karen Weisz, Dr. Desmond Leung
Missing: Dr. Tziporah Cohen, Dr. Stan Feinberg, Michelle Hannikainen, Dr. Nina Horvath, Judy Katz, Lisa Mainprize, Tina Parassakis, Arshag Tokmanian, Anna Tupis

Outreach Freeman team

From left to right: Dr. Liyang Liu, Dr. Mervyn Jackson, Dr. Hanna Zuckerman, Dr. Claire Nunes-Vaz, Dr. Robin Pinto, Dr. Amanda Li, Dr. Desmond Leung, Tina Parassakis, Dr. Joyce Lui, Dr. Dahlia Pankowski, Dr. Jennifer Hunter
Missing: Drs. Dahlia Balaban, Risa Bordman, Shim Felsen, Nina Horvath, Venetia Lo, Anne Pyper

The Freeman Centre team includes physicians, outreach physicians, nurses and allied health professionals, Patient and Family Advisors, and administration. Read what palliative care means to each of them

Meet our team