Urology surgeons are surgical specialists who treat a wide variety of diseases of the urinary system and the male genital tract. North York General Hospital's urology surgeons are national and international leaders in prostate and bladder cancer treatment. 

We provide open, laparoscopic and cystoscopic services at the General site to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract illnesses. Diagnostic cystoscopy under local anaesthesia is provided at the Branson Ambulatory Care Centre. We offer a complete continuum of cancer care to patients from screening and diagnosis to treatment and follow-up care. 

When in opened  in June 2007 at the Branson Ambulatory Care Centre, the Gale and Graham Wright Prostate Centre was the first prostate centre in the province to offer timely diagnosis, information, expertise and resources in a community hospital setting.

Urology Surgeons

Dr. Roger Buckley (Division Head)
Dr. Stan Flax
Dr. David Hajek
Dr. Jeffrey Noakes
Dr. Lesley Spevack