We think we are doing a pretty good job. But don't take our word for it, look at what our students have to say about teaching and learning at North York General Hospital.

Of the 455 learners we surveyed in 2020–2021:

87% of our students would recommend a placement at NYGH to fellow students.

“I would like to extend my greatest thanks for an amazing first fieldwork experience. I had an excellent experience at the North York General Hospital and felt welcomed from the moment I arrived.”
—  Occupational Therapy student

"Thank you very much, to you and your entire team at the hospital for allowing my clinical term to be extremely rewarding. I felt welcome and very supported by all the staff. I enjoyed my learning experience here, and found all the staff to be very professional and proud to work at NYGH.”
—  Nursing student

“I had an amazing experience at the NYGH during my radiology elective. I felt welcome; I was given the right amount of responsibility and the doctors, the nurses, and the technologists were amazing teachers. I would recommend an elective at NYGH to any med student.”
— Medical student

“I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all the staff of 4 North and North York General Hospital as the organization that gave us the opportunity to learn and practice. It's been a pleasure for Seneca students to be given the opportunity to work in this kind of clinical setting. 4 North was a really busy unit and I am amazed at how the staff handled it smoothly and tried to involve students in multiple learning opportunities.” 
— Nursing student

"My preceptor was the best preceptor I could have asked for to guide me through my first real exposure to hospital pharmacy. Before I even started my rotation, our correspondence showed how dedicated she was to making my first experience an educational and inspirational one. This enthusiasm and selflessness had not waned once my placement began, and seemed to grow throughout our time together.”
— Pharmacy student

“The most positive aspects of this placement included the highly supportive learning environment and interprofessional dynamics of the team. This placement allowed for valuable self-directed learning and I appreciated how much time each clinician devoted to furthering my practice knowledge and clinical skills.”
— Occupational Therapy student

“I am so happy to have had my training at NYGH. I had such great mentoring from the staff and I have had the opportunity to learn so many different types of exams. I feel confident in writing my exams.” 
—Ultrasound student

“The environment at NYGH is very conducive to learning and all of the staff are very welcoming and knowledgeable. Overall, I feel like I learned a great deal and I found I extremely enjoyed the clinical pharmacy environment! This placement makes me excited to start practicing as a pharmacist in the future.”
— Pharmacy student

“Thanks for all the information. I'm once again very impressed by how organized the NYGH team is!” 
— Medical resident

“Excellent and enriching learning experience. Great preceptor who is resourceful, knowledgeable, approachable and skilled in mentoring.”
— Occupational Therapy student

“Thank you for coordinating an incredibly smooth elective at NYGH. I can't think of any other rotations where communication was as quick and efficient, and where I received such a comprehensive tour. Or even received a tour, for that matter!”
— Medical resident

“I feel that I have learned a tremendous amount and have a lot more confidence in my ability to practice dietetics. I feel ready and extremely excited to begin working!”
— Dietetic intern

“Thanks for believing in me.” 
—Nursing student

“The tiny seed grows into a tree, its roots so strong and secure; the seeds you've planted in my mind will prosper and endure!!” 
— Master's nursing student