Central Sterile Reprocessing


The Central Sterile Reprocessing (CSR) department has 44 staff members at both the General site and Branson Ambulatory Care Centre. A supervisor is located at the General site. Medical devices are reprocessed and sterilized in the CSR department for patient use. These devices include: OR instruments, respiratory devices (such as masks, laryngoscopes), emergency trays (for example: laceration trays, cutdown trays), L & D C-section trays, angio trays, circumcision trays, endoscopes, gastroscopes, bronchoscopes, cystoscopes, and ophthalmology instruments (Branson Ambulatory Care Centre).

Education program

Practicum experience is offered for students attending the Sterile Reprocessing Course at Centennial College and Fanshawe College. The placement is usually four weeks and held during the spring and summer months. There is capacity to take two students at a time. Students are assigned to a preceptor during their placement and are also supervised by their college instructor. Shift work is required.