Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is required to conduct research at North York General Hospital (NYGH)?

Two kinds of approvals are required before you can conduct research at North York General Hospital (NYGH).

  1. Ethics approval from Research Ethics Board (REB). For further information contact the REB Office.

  2. Operational approval from the Office of Research and Innovation (ORI). For further information contact us at

2. Which forms should be completed to enable me to conduct or amend a research project?

Please submit the following documents to

Once the documents are received and reviewed, and providing there are no concerns, ORI will approve the agreement/contract. The research project can begin after ORI approval.|

3. What is the process for non-NYGH employees who wish to conduct research?

The NYGH site principal investigator (PI) should initiate the request for permission to allow external non-NYGH employees to work on their research project. The site PI is responsible for facilitating all study-related arrangements once REB approval has been obtained. 

4. What should I do if I require resources from other NYGH departments?

If you require resources from other hospital departments, please complete the Resources Required for Research form and obtain the relevant manager's approval on this form. Please be aware that some departments will require an administrative fee in order to perform your proposed research. 

5. Should the REB and ORI applications be sent in consecutively or simultaneously?

Both REB and ORI applications may be submitted simultaneously to the respective offices; however, only after REB approval has been obtained and the approval letter sent to ORI. Then, as long as there are no concerns, ORI will provide operational approval. 

6. Once I receive the REB approval letter, may I start enrolling patients in the study?

No. Both REB and ORI approvals are mandatory before a research study may start or, in case of an amendment, continue. 

7. When is the research account created?

The research account will be opened by ORI once the project is REB and ORI approved.