Branson Ambulatory Care Centre transition: Quick facts

North York General Hospital has begun to plan for the transfer of programs and services at the Branson Ambulatory Care Centre over the next two years. Here is some key information:

  • The Branson Ambulatory Care Centre is not a hospital. It is an ambulatory centre that is open during daytime hours only. 
  • Services and programs are not being terminated; rather, they will be transitioning either to the hospital's General site or a better location within the Branson community. 
  • Consultations on this transition launched in 2016 and included telephone and patient surveys with the Branson community. In a recent telephone town hall the hospital reached out to 20,000 residents for a productive dialogue to gather feedback from the area. 
  • North York General does not own the Branson facility; it is rented from a third-party, the Advent Corporation and the lease is scheduled to expire in 2019. 
  • Many health care services at Branson are regional programs and patients and families who access these services must commute from well outside the area. 
  • The Branson Ambulatory Care Centre requires ongoing investment to upgrade infrastructure and meet new standards. In light of the need for ongoing redevelopment, the expiration of the lease, and our community's health care needs, we have therefore begun to plan for the transfer of services over the next two years.

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