Dr. Meeta Patel named North York’s Woman of the Year

image of Dr. Meeta Patel

The latest issue of Post City Magazines profiles the most inspirational women of 2019, recognizing those who made a significant impact on their neighbourhoods. Congratulations to North York General Hospital's Dr. Meeta Patel for being named North York’s Woman of the Year.

An Emergency Physician, Dr. Patel was recognized for providing exceptional care to patients at our Charlotte & Lewis Steinberg Emergency during the Yonge Street van attack on April 23, 2018. According to fellow Emergency Physician, Dr. Rick Penciner, despite the attack happening just minutes from her hospital and home, nothing else mattered except focusing on caring for her patients.

Read more about Dr. Patel and the other notable women in the December edition of the North York Post https://trnto.com/torontos-most-inspirational-women-of-2019-dr-meeta-patel/


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