Enhancing NYGH care environments

North York General (NYGH) is working to ensure our health care environments continue to support the exceptional care we provide — not only today but 5, 10 and 25 years from now. It's with careful consideration for both the present and the future that exciting plans are being developed for a major expansion of the hospital.

As part of the hospital's capital development plans, two new strategically located, bright and accessible purpose-built locations will replace the Branson Ambulatory Care Centre location. More details can be found about the two new locations and the services located there on our website.

Additionally, the government recently passed the 2018 Ontario Budget: A Plan for Care and Opportunity. Within this budget, NYGH was specifically identified as an upcoming capital project, signalling the government's approval and financial commitment to continue building our infrastructure that will support the health needs of our local community and residents. This support will enable NYGH to build a new ambulatory care facility for outpatients, and a new addition to the General site including more inpatient beds and critical care, as well as better access to diagnostic services.

These new spaces are vital to our future success as a leading community academic hospital. North York is a high growth community and NYGH is already at 100% capacity. By developing and enhancing our care environments, we are able to:

  • Prepare for and meet the needs of an aging and diverse population
  • Create care environments that are more patient and family centred
  • Expand our current hospital programs and services
  • Add new hospital programs and services
  • Grow beyond the current physical restraints for expansion at the General site
  • Make our hospital's programs and services sustainable for the long-term.

It's important to note that this approval is the result of thoughtful planning. In mid-2017, NYGH was awarded two capital planning grants from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care intended to support the planning stage to develop our care environments. The grant was received as the result of a successful Strategic Capital Investment and Development Plan (Going Beyond … Capital Planning-Building a Future for North York General Hospital) submitted earlier by NYGH to the ministry.

Over the past seven months our hospital's Planning and Redevelopment Department, along with external experts (architects, planners, functional programmers and urban designers), have facilitated a series of discussions with our hospital leaders, clinicians, staff and our patients and key partners such as the North York General Foundation to gain valuable insight, data and direction on how the hospital's various health care programs and services can best be provided in our new space.

Consultations also include the Central Local Health Integration Network (LHIN), the ministry, NYGH's partner agencies and the community-at-large (via a community engagement survey) to ensure our plans are fully addressing the needs of the community.

While NYGH has support for the creation of these new spaces, we still must undergo the government's rigorous capital planning process, which requires formal approvals at every stage of activity. Presently, our hospital's Planning and Redevelopment Department is in the early planning of a six-stage process, having completed Pre-Capital Submission (and approval by ministry); which will be followed by Stage 1: Proposal (submission of NYGH's business case) to be submitted to the ministry in December 2018.

As NYGH moves forward through the capital planning process, the hospital will continue to reach out to patients and families, staff and clinicians, the foundation, the community and relevant stakeholders to collaborate, build awareness and support for these capital development projects. Together, NYGH will transform its exceptional care environments to create an even better patient experience in the future.

This article appeared in the June 2018 issue of The Pulse. 

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